Ju-On: Origins Review: Gets tangled in its own curse.

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Ju-On: Origins Review: Gets tangled in its own curse.
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The legendary Japanese horror franchise that has become a smash hit worldwide gets its first drama adaptation. In the Netflix Original Series Ju-On: Origins, the story based on a truth more terrifying than fiction returns.

Format: Series
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+ 
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Suspense
Language: Japanese
Digital Premiere Date: 3 July 2020

What is the story about?
Ju-On: Origins is set in the background where the franchise actually exists and this series is a creative approach to expand this long-running franchise to TV. The story has been inspired by true events that took place over the decades. The series is directed by Sho Miyake.

The entire cast did a great job, no complaints there. Ju-On: Origin becomes one of those series where the entire ensemble performs with due diligence. Despite there were few shortcomings on the writing department, the actors make it up with their commendable performances. 

This is one of the longest-running franchises in its genre which has many films to its credits. To be precise 13 feature films, seven novels, two short films, three comics and one video game. Well, that’s a lot to take in and the initial creators must’ve made a ton of money from this franchise copyrights. Everyone is aware of Netflix’s growing interest in foreign language content and this will be its first stint with the Japanese language.

If you’ve noticed it claims to be inspired by true events that occurred over the decades. But I feel that term is loosely used in this genre to create an interest among the audience and it works every time. The series runs through the 80s–90s following a thread of investigations which involves missing people and mysterious deaths. 

The writing does get weary in between and you’re caught in a loop of madness which tangles the story that leaves you a little disappointed. It was a good decision by the makers to keep the episodes as short as 30 minutes and the first season ends with just 6 episodes. The Origins is not your typical jump-scare horror series, in fact, it is one of those slow burn menaces which avoids the clichéd tropes of the genre. Director Sho Miyake did well in keeping it little restrained leaning towards drama with heightening elements and a generous amount of gore.

Music and other Departments
The score was eerily good and keeps the mood mysteriously haunting. The cinematography was intense and the editing was crisp. The special effects were minimal and complimented the series.   

Despite it fails to satisfy the fans who have been following the franchise over the decades, it stirs an interest which might leave the curse looming for few more seasons, and Netflix has to take that call. I loved the new angle to horror and at times it leaves you a bit cold with what’s happening on screen. 

In the process of intertwining the timelines, the writers go a little weary and forget about the audience leaving them in despair.   

Did I enjoy it?
I did enjoy it and the fans will too, despite its shortcomings. Looks like Ju-On’s curse is here to stay for decades to come.

Do I recommend it and why?
I recommend it. If you’re looking for a traditional horror experience you’ll be disappointed. It’s more of a thrilling drama laced with gore than your regular horror.


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