Jungle Cruise (2021) Review

A highly enjoyable and thrilling ride

Aparnna Hajirnis -

Jungle Cruise (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Set during the time of World War I, Dr Lily Houghton is on a quest to find 'Tree Of Life', a tree with magical powers that could change the world of medicine forever. It can cure any disease and break any curse and is hidden deep inside the Amazon forest. Lily travels from London with her brother, McGregor to Brazil and asks Frank, a man with a riverboat to help her reach the tree. Together they encounter various supernatural forces and an unknown enemy who too, wants to find the magical tree for his own benefit. 


Jungle Cruise is a film adapted from Disney's Theme Park ride. The movie in itself is no less than a joyful ride either. For most parts of it Jungle Cruise keeps you hooked onto the screen and at the edge of your seat. The movie may not boast of a stellar story, yet it is earnest in offering entertainment to its viewers. Now it may not have the same recall value as an Indiana Jones or a Pirates Of The Caribbean, but it certainly has moments that will make you want more of it. For a light-hearted movie that is aimed at only entertaining most of its young audiences, it doesn't disappoint. 


Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt both have terrific chemistry in the movie. Even their standalone scenes are quite interesting and a treat to watch. Emily is believable as a plucky and a headstrong scientist, who is on a quest to literally save humanity by curing diseases with a help of a magical flower of a faraway hidden tree. And Dwayne has a lot of charisma and has immense screen presence. Jack Whitall as Mcgregor is funny, punny and adds to a lot of comic relief to the film. 

Music & Other Departments

The special effects, CGI and the background score by James Newton are the main attraction of the film. While there is not much of a story to root for, the various animal sounds, the magnificient set designs and production values will certainly let you watch this movie till the end. The dialogues are witty, but the story at times has a bit of loopholes, especially when it comes to conflating mythology and the jungle. 


  • Excellent CGI and background score
  • Terrific chemistry between the leads
  • A feel good, breezy movie


This movie can be best enjoyed in cinema halls on the big screen with 3D effects.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes. This is a fun, entertaining movie which can be enjoyed with family.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. This is a classic Disney wholesome family entertainment. While it is no Indiana Jones, it is still a delightful watch. 

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