Kaale Dhande Review - A witty, lighthearted take on repressed male sexuality

Kaale Dhande Review - A witty, lighthearted take on repressed male sexuality
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Talk of repressed male sexuality and India men make for the perfect example. The man is always torn between proving his righteousness and his machoism. Sadly owing to the conservativeness, his sexuality is forever bottled-up, and ‘spills’ at places where its least expected! ‘Kaale Dhande’, as the name suggests is a Marathi comedy series that speaks of a man’s plight in urban India. The start is very natural and progressively hilarious right from the very start. A young boy Vicky (Shubhankar Tawde) locks himself up in the bathroom attempting to jerk-off as he watches porn (he dutifully embeds the earplugs and plays the video). While he reaches the climax, a small crowd that begins to gather outside the bathroom, as our dude, is oblivious to the calls of all his kith and kin. Fearing that Vicky has attempted suicide, the whole ‘chawl’ (members of a society) gathers around his house to save him. Some of them have plans for breaking the door open. His friends smirk because they know what the lad is upto! Yet, the band of cartoons clamber up the drainage pipe, making their way to Vicky’s bathroom, ‘just to check’ if all is well! Vicky has reached the climax on the nick of time, and he is just about to open the door, and he meets with the crowd! Vicky is shocked, and somehow, his earplugs get unhooked from the phone. The crowd hears the moaning of the woman in the video, and have already formed judgements about the boy. Later as the plot progresses, Vicky heads out on a date with ‘Swapnali’ (The local Don’s daughter, played by Heena Khan) (probably Tinder, as he is hooked to his smart-phone). After some coffee and chit-chat, Vickey realises that his hormones are going out of control, and he finds himself molesting Swapnali. A few seconds later, they are groping each other and kissing violently. Until, Vicky’s uncle, Kaka (Nitin Ratnaparkahi) catches him red-handed in the act, and drags him back home. Vicky is dreading this, as he is certain that his family will disown him, and that is exactly what happens! Vicky’s dad is livid and ousts him out of the house. Vicky goes and lives with his friends Sam (Onkar Raut) and Sudarshan (Ruturaj Shinde). Revenge is on his minds and they come up with an impressive plan of catching his uncle red-handed. They seek revenge and threaten Kaka to host an exhibition of his deeds at a public place. They later invite his family. To curb the issue, Kaka takes them on an all-expense-paid trip to Malaysia. The boys along with their uncle have a blast! But Kaka doesn’t like what’s happening one bit, as he’s burnt a hole in his pocket. Kaka thinks that the party had to come to an end. Enter Anna Bhai (Mahesh Manjrekar) the local Don, who can fix anything/anyone. He metes out his brutal third-degree torture, only to learn that his daughter Swapnali, likes Vicky. Don Anna gets the duo engaged. Vicky is in a fix, as Kimaya (Vicky’s former girlfriend, played by Sanskruti Balgude) is back from London! Now he doesn’t exactly want to hurt her, but he is engaged to the don's daughter, so how exactly does he get himself out of this situation? Ramchandra Gaonkar has creatively blended reality with comedy. The series is a complete no-brainer, but knows its target audience, the youth, well. However, he could’ve worked on the language and toned it down to draw a wider audience. The puns and jokes have been strategically placed, and the timing is well appropriated to make audiences laugh their guts out. Rating: 3/5

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