Kaali Season 2 Review: Gripping and intense

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Kaali Season 2 Review: Gripping and intense
Movie Rated
Bengali, Hindi

Format: Movie
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: 18+
Genres:  Drama, Action, Crime, Substance
Language: Hindi / Bengali
Digital Premiere Date: 29 May 2020

What is it about? 
In the conquest to save her son, Paoli finds herself in the middle of a drug cartel war, criminals gangs and saving them from the police who’re now confused whether Kaali is a mother or a criminal. In this journey, Kaali rediscovers herself as the bold, formidable and invincible woman who’d go the extra mile for her loved ones. All thanks to the adversities of her ordeal, she transforms from a meek, petite mother to a store of unfathomable strength and courage. On her way to the destination, she encounters gang wars, drug lords, innocent deaths, mutilation and a series of betrayals.

Paoli Dam as Kaali does her role with great intensity. Chandan Roy Sanyal plays an underworld don named Swapan in season 2 as his character suffers paralysis and is on a wheelchair throughout. Marvellous is the only word that we can think of for Chandan, as he nails the role of the menacing yet wheelchair ridden don. Rahul Banerjee reprised his role from season 1 and is definitely a treat to watch his performance. The new addition includes Abhishek Banerjee who also plays an underworld don and is quite comfortable in his role. Vidya Malavade too has done a decent job of playing a cop. 

Kaali delves into the unseen underbelly of Kolkata which is usually spoken about in hushed tones. Filled with hope, courage, danger and betrayal, Kaali was a multilayered show that has given us a jitter as it progresses towards the climax. Season 1 of Kali was a big hit and the audience had just loved it because of its engaging storyline, amazing acting by actors and a crisp direction. Season 2 is expected as engaging as season 1. It has all different elements of entertainment that the audience will love to watch. When you get to witness a mother trying to rescue her son, you would know for sure that there is something you wouldn’t want to miss. While it is the goons who usually intimidate others, looks like they have stepped on the wrong wire since this mother is not going to give up and will do literally anything to save her dying son. 

Music and other departments
The background score is pretty decent considering how it grapples from pathos to suspense to thrilling. 

While season 1 was directed by Korok Murmu, season 2 is directed by Aritra Sen. Season 2, however, seems too intense and too gripping than season 1. The beautiful backdrop of Kolkata and the underbelly in it makes the show pretty gripping and intense. 

The storyline of the show is pretty fast-paced and can keep you at the edge of your seat. The twist in the last two-episodes makes it a must-watch series. 

The episodes are not evenly timed and also the makers have taken a huge risk while revealing the climax. If there isn't a season 3, the loyal fans of the show won't ever get closure. 

Did I Enjoy It

Do I Recommend It?
Yes. Kaali season 2 is a nail-biting, crime thriller coupled with tension, action and drama. It is a must-watch series that celebrates an amazing victory of women empowerment. The series promises you to entertain with the engaging storyline, amazing star cast and interesting twist and turns

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