Platform : Tentkotta
Language : Tamil
Synopsis : Kaalidas (Bharath) is basically a good cop. In his introduction scene, he mediates with a man who is trying to kill himself and helping him to come out of his problems. Kaalidas also visits residential apartments and tell them that they can reach out to cops for their issues. But due to extreme work pressure, he is unable to spend quality time with his wife (Ann Sheetal). In his jurisdiction, Kaalidas finds unusual deaths of women falling from high rise buildings. He suspects it to be a suicide but his superior officer (Suresh Menon) believes that someone has pushed them from the top.
Cast : Bharath, Ann Sheetal, Suresh Chandra Menon, Aadhav Kannadasan, Velraj, Priyadarshini, Ammu
Directors : Sri Senthil
Producer/s : V. Bhargavi, M. S. Sivanesan, Mani Dinakaran
Cinematographer (DoP) : Suresh Bala
Production House : Leaping Horse Entertainment, Incredible Productions, Dina Studios
Music : Vishal Chandrasekhar

Movie Duration (minutes) : 2h 6min
Digital Premiere Date : January 1, 2020

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