Kaane Kaane (2021) Review

Suraj Venjaramoodu anchors this engrossing emotional thriller

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Kaane Kaane (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Paul Mathai, a tahsildar, comes to visit his ex-son-in-law Allen and his new family, especially his grandson Kuttu. However, a grieving Paul, who is yet to come to terms with the death of his daughter Sherin in a hit-and-run case, suspects foul play in her death.


Trauma is a strange beast. When a loved one passes away, no one knows how each one of us will react to his or her death. Kaane Kaane may seem like a thriller on the outside, but this is essentially a story of a family that has been damaged by grief and is grasping desperately at straws for any kind of closure. Like their previous collaboration Uyare, director Manu Ashokan and writers Bobby-Sanjay let their story build up slowly, and dare I say, very casually. Nothing is over-explained about the characters' lives, and yet they are written in such fine fashion that you immediately become one with Paul, Allen and their family. It's a shame that the film tries to race to a conclusion with a hastily-scripted last act, but this is a film that is watchable for the most part, with solid performances that don't take away from the story.


Suraj Venjaramoodu is in fine form as Paul, who cannot get over Sherin's death. Tovino Thomas is solid as Allen, Sherin's husband who has now remarried. Aishwarya Lekshmi is all right as Sneha, who shares a very difficult marriage with Allen. The rest of the cast is decent.

Music & Other Departments

The cinematography and score are decent.


Suraj Venjaramoodu's turn as Paul is a definite highlight.


The last act is very poorly written compared to the rest of the film.

Did I enjoy it?

I was moved by the end of the film.

Do I recommend it?


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