Kark Rogue Review- An intriguing thriller

Kark Rogue Review- An intriguing thriller
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Medical thrillers have become the flavour of the season when it comes to Indian web watching. After Breathe by Amazon Prime won rave reviews, Zee5 has released yet another medical thriller, Kark Rogue. From the name itself, one can safely assume that the show would revolve medical malpractice. The trailer was a big giveaway as well to the central theme of the show. The first season of the show has 8 episodes and after a long time, did I come across an intriguing and edge-of-seat thriller in Indian content.

Kark Rogue is an adaptation of Indranil Sanyal’s novel, Karkat Kranti. The series features Chitrangada Chakraborty, Indraneil Sengupta, Rajesh Sharma, and Jayant Kripalini, among others. Created by Deepanjan S. Chanda and Shamik K. Rakshit, Kark Rogue revolves around a forensic surgeon, Beas Banerjee a Cancer survivor herself, finds an unusual pattern in the autopsies of a few cancer patients who ended their lives by committing suicide.

Determined to solve the bizarre similarity among them, she, with the help of police inspector Barun Sarkar, uncovers a corporate scam inspired by greed at the cost of innocent lives. The plot will keep you engaged throughout the 8 episodes and the climax even though not earth-shattering is quite surprising. The screenplay lags in several parts, the editing too, could have been much tighter.

Talking about the performances, Chitrangada Chakraborty has done a marvellous job at playing Beas Banerjee, a forensic surgeon. The moments where she experiences pain and loneliness have been very convincing and she has pretty much nailed the role. Rajesh Sharma, who has been a part of several web-shows has been outstanding himself. Indraneil Sengupta has done a good job of playing a police officer, Barun Sarkar.

For Indian audiences who are not used to seeing autopsies and dead bodies or people with weak stomachs, this show might seem a bit triggering and unsettling. Nevertheless, Kark Rogue fills in the void left by Breathe. The show may not be a compelling watch but is definitely riveting, intriguing and an interesting thriller. Since it has just 8 episodes in the first season, we suggest you to binge-watch it over the weekend.

Rating: 3/5

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