Karoline Kamakshi review: Meena’s web series debut is a forgettable action-comedy

Karoline Kamakshi review: Meena’s web series debut is a forgettable action-comedy
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When the makers of Karoline Kamakshi announced they’ve roped in yesteryear Tamil actor Meena to play one of the lead roles in their show, it was a reason exciting enough to look forward to the series which is currently streaming on Zee 5. Unfortunately, the show does absolutely no good to Meena’s career and it leaves one wondering why she even agreed to be part of the series in the first place. Karoline Kamakshi, directed by Vivek K, is a forgettable action-comedy that’s unimaginably silly from the word go. The premise is simple and barely exciting. A French detective named Karoline (Giorgia Andriani) and a Brahmin CBI officer, Kamakshi (Meena), join hands to track down international smuggler Furkin, and stop him from selling a valuable artifact (called Virgin Mary) that he stole from the National Museum of Paris. The major problem with Karoline Kamakshi is that it has absolutely nothing working in its favour. The writing is so bad that it wastes Meena’s potential as she gets wasted in a role that’s neither funny nor interesting. The show tries to ride on Meena’s chirpy personality, which we’ve seen over the years in many of her films. She’s given a character that comes across as funny, but never does any of the comedy scenes involving her manage to engage, let alone entertain. There’s a scene quite early on with her daughter and it’s supposed to inspire her to take up a mission she’s been offered. It’s so poorly written that the scene hardly makes any impact and ends up as a joke. The show is promoted as an action-comedy but neither does it have great action nor decent comedy. It falls flat in the action department and the few action stretches the show features hardly makes any impact. The comedy is even worse. Sample this line. “Do you know Furkin?” asks a French agent. “I may be a bachelor but I am not a virgin, man. I know 14 different types of f***ing,” says CBI Director Chidambaram. Furkin is the name of a character in the show but somehow Y. Gee Mahendran’s character hears the word as f***ing and gives a silly explanation which is supposed to elicit laughter. In their recent slate of productions, Karoline Kamakshi is undoubtedly the worst show to come from Zee 5. Giorgia Andriani, the international actor, tries hard to impress in a role that has some highs but never quite works on the whole. Her lip sync is all over the place and the makers seem to have cared little to make an effort to even make her dubbing look authentic. In some scenes, we hardly get to see her face when she speaks. There’s not a single character in the entire show that you want to root for or even care about.


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