Kayamai Kadakka Review

A sublime low-cost thriller that is built on an interesting plot!

Siddarth Srinivas -

Kayamai Kadakka Review
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What is the story about?

Kayamai Kadakka is the story of a young man who runs into his acquaintance, only to learn that the once-good man is now a murderer who takes down wrongdoers in the name of being a vigilante. What happens between the duo forms the crux of the film.


For starters, Kayamai Kadakka is a film that is made on a shoestring budget, with a small crew of just five people. However, the film never feels like it is leaning on something weak, and always manages to capture our attention with the use of neat plot devices, some surprising turns and a knockout in the climax. The film lasts for about two hours, but it is always offering something to the audience and never tries to punch above its weight. What’s most intriguing is the way in which this film is narrated with minimal requirements, but still manages to squeeze in a lot of thickness, and ends with a fine twist. 



Masanth Natarajan resembles the young Dhanush and delivers a measured performance in a role that needs him to look like a feeble young man. Vatsan Natarajan on the other hand has a punchy role to play and does very well with good dialogue delivery. The film has a couple of other actors who contribute well in totality. 

Music & Other Departments

For a film this small, Kayamai Kadakka has a very good sound design, cinematography and edits. The film chooses silence at many points, and that’s what makes it all the eerier. 



The final 45 minutes of the film are superbly put together. 


The film might feel too small at first, but patience will help you for sure. 


Did I enjoy it?

Yes I did. Kayamai Kadakka is one of the better Tamil films of the year. 

Do I recommend it?

Yes. This is totally worth your money and time. 


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