Khushfehmiyaan Review – Nothing to be happy about

Khushfehmiyaan Review – Nothing to be happy about
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Khushfehmiyaan! This Gemplex original, a six-part series is a short story premised on the doings of Peter Braganza (Nasir Abdullah) who lived in Goa. The plot opens at his funeral, where his daughter is ceremoniously conducting the last rites of her father with a grieving heart. Carol (Pratibha Tiwari), keenly awaits the arrival of Rocky (Maitrik Thakkar), Kabir (Aman Tyagi) and Sam (Ankit Raizada). Rocky, Sam, and Kabir are the adopted sons of Peter Braganza, who’s managed to resurrect the lives of these three boys by taking them out of a pit. He has educated them, trained them as chefs (Goa’s best), got them to run a wonderful café at Goa’s prime. The three boys are living a comfortable fun-filled life, but one day Peter Braganza’s daughter Carol comes back to Goa to live with her father. Carol is a dream interpreter and typically knows of what’s coming next just as people describe their dreams to her. She knew that her father was nearing the end of his fulfilled life, and was now headed to the heavens. Sam, Kabir and Rocky, are in love with Carol and want to marry her. They keep refreshing her memory by taking her back to the fun-filled childhood instances, that touches her heart. On the day of her departure, the three boys propose to Carol only to meet with her denial. To their dismay and the chagrin of Peter Braganza, the three boys part ways and take off! They come back to Goa only to learn to Peter’s death. Now the plot is basic and simple but even though the story is not exactly bad, it could have pretty much acquired the requisite clout if it was directed well. The cast has immense potential, but it is wasted owing to sheer carelessness and directorial flaws. The dialogues and interpretation of certain emotions are extremely weak. Who stamps over a live fish to show how angry one is when true love is dismissed? In that case, I am certainly glad it was dismissed as the person is cruel and heartless! The direction lacks the necessary spunk! Everything is too predictable. If Sam is going to woo Carol, so are the other two. Well, the wooing bit is valid, but the way it's executed is just so childish! There is an evident and overemphasized take on jealousy. The overemphasised slice of jealously kills the essence of the plot. Carol is a smart educated, and independent character. She is sensitive all the same, but isn’t exactly dumb! But at times her character takes an unwarranted dip and rises back out of nowhere! The music is fairly okay, however, the concept of having full-fledged songs during a series is a definite NO NO! The choreography is also compromised. Even as the actors are swerving between Hindi and English, we learn of the underlining grammatical flaws. The intonation is fine but the pronunciation is abysmal. The Goa setting has allowed the protagonists to flaunt their sexuality to the fullest. That was probably the only thing that went right. A plot is always interesting when a narrative is more natural, and there are several unpredictable twists and turns to make the series more interesting. Gemplex must invest in understanding the outcome of the content better, otherwise surviving in an environment that’s rife with competition is going to become very difficult. Rating: 2/5

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