KIDNAPPING STELLA REVIEW - Just a regular run off the mill

KIDNAPPING STELLA REVIEW - Just a regular run off the mill
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Name – Kidnapping Stella (Film) Production House: Netflix And Henning Ferber Cast: Jella Hessa, Clemens Schick, Max von der Goreben Dialogues: Adam G Simon Music: Micheal Kamm Cinematography: Sten Mende Producers –Henninger Ferber Editor – Robert Rzesacz Screenplay : Thomas Sieben Direction: Thomas Sieben  Premier date: 12th July 2019    Story: Who isn’t hungry for money? Everyone is! Two ex-prison inmates, Tom and Vic gang up, and plan on abducting Stella, in lieu of quick cash. Stella (played by Jella Hessa) is the daughter of a rich father. On the chosen day; at the appointed hour; while Stella makes her way to work she is sucked into a van. The abduction is well planned. The opening shots give us an insight on the kind of work that gets involved in planning the kidnapping. They have it all, right from the vehicle, to the place where they would hold Stella hostage… the works! The very predictable plot is well balanced by three characters. But it rests on the viewer to unravel the mysterious connection between the hostage and the kidnappers. Artistes’ Performances: Each character has synchronised themselves to the other, balancing the plot well. Jella Hessa (Stella), has played the shrewd Victim, artfully using her presence of mind to get herself out of the odd spot. She uses pregnancy as her wild card to save herself from even a scratch, but shows no signs of discomfort on being masked. Clemens S (Vic) is the face behind the plan. It is owing to his doing that the plan has progressed. Even while keeping to his calm demeanor, Clemens has managed to suss out the shades of grey. Max von der Goreben (Tom) has more variety to his character. He is portrayed as an emotionally strong person, who seems to be crumbling like a pack of cards as the plan is being executed. Technical Merit: The editing is sequentially done, giving viewers a sense of progression. The cameras have been strategically angled, to give viewers better nuances of the situation. Direction: The plot was very predictable. An exciting twist or turn, especially in terms of direction, could have made the hour and forty-nine worthwhile. Dialogues: There is nothing compelling about the use of words. The language is simple and unsurprising all the same. Cinematography: There is no scope for any faux pas here. The camera has brilliantly captured the very essence of the plot. Sten M, has done a brilliant job at recording some of the most complex emotions delivered by all three characters. Music: Simple, predictable, but don’t miss out on the credits, if you are a ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ Fan. Editing: Well synchronised to have viewers to focus on the three main protagonists only. Also, successfully tricking viewers into believing that three characters can hold abduction based plot with ease. Production standards: Could have done much better, by involving a few more characters. It could give the plot a better variety. Considering this was a budget film, the production is well taken care of. Highlights: Could prove to be the perfect guidebook on, ‘How to escape an abduction’! Drawback: The plot lacks dimension and uniqueness that could make this movie more interesting to watch! Analysis: A good plot is always well thought, and has something that is very out of the box! This flick totally lacks the same. It is a well-planned film, in the realms of a certain decided budget, but could have delivered a better quality. Max did a great job at holding the film together! His character has urged him to deliver very complex emotions that enliven the rather mundane plot to a certain degree only. Icing on the cake: Just a regular run off the mill! Rating: 3/5

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