Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez review: A truth-seeking true-crime story

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez review: A truth-seeking true-crime story
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For fans of true-crime stories, this documentary series about Aaron Hernandez - the pro football player convicted of murder, before dying by suicide – gives front row seat to learn how a celebrated pro football player with fame and talent went on to throw everything away. Unlike most documentaries, Killer Inside doesn’t try to sensationalize the case but makes a more valiant effort to find out the truth, at least in terms of understanding Aaron’s behavior. Killer Inside works more as a truth-seeking true-crime story than a riveting one.

The documentary introduces us to Aaron’s double life. Behind the success and stardom achieved on the football pitch, was a much darker side to this troubled young man. His rise and fall is put under the spotlight in this chilling tale of true-crime but we never get to quite understand why Aaron took a violent detour in his life.

Given this is a story of someone who was a popular figure on American televisions during the early parts of the last decade, the series instantly will strike a chord with all those who cheered for this man during his successful football career; however, Indian audiences will find the case to be very alien and it isn’t easy to build a connection. The series uses lot of archival footage. Videos from games face to face interviews provided by witnesses, family members and experts in various different fields, the series explores the life of Aaron from a very broader perspective.

With a good pacing across the three episodes and plenty of bone-chilling details revealed across the season, Killer Inside is one of the most rewarding true-crime document series and one that delves deep into the life of a sport star. If you’re looking for your next true crime fix, Killer Inside ticks all the right boxes and makes for quite engaging binge-watch.

Rating 2.5/5

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