Kingdom Season 2- Eerily similar to real life

Kingdom Season 2- Eerily similar to real life
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It was actually kind of strange watching this show as fears surrounding COVID-19 (aka the coronavirus) began to take over me. Hearing news stories of the new virus spreading to India and pretty much everywhere else, while watching a show about the start of a zombie pandemic was almost surreal.

Zombies are back in demand as Netflix brings back its critically acclaimed Korean period zombie drama Kingdom for a second season. Season Two picks up right where Season One left off, with Crown Prince Lee Chang and his battalion setting up camp to ward off the zombies but now, the zombies don’t go to sleep the moment the sun is up, because they never did. Instead, they come running in large numbers and it is up to Lee Chang and his men to rely on their skills and wits to fight them. With hordes of zombies relentlessly coming after them, the men are left with no choice but to head to Sangju, one of the only places to be safe from the Zombies.

Though Kingdom is mainly known for being a Zombie show, it also has some aspects of a political drama. We have the conniving Minister Cho Hak Ju who is working alongside his daughter, the Queen, to wrest power over the land from the Crown Prince and into the Haewon Cho clan, pregnant women being killed after they give birth, and a dead king being revived as a zombie, most definitely for Cho Hak Ju’s nefarious purposes.

Being both a zombie and political drama helps to make sure that there is never a boring moment in Kingdom. One moment you are following Lee Chang and hunter Yeong Shin as they desperately try to escape from the zombies and the next you have officials trying to figure out why corpses of pregnant women have been thrown away, discarded alongside their dead infants.

Our Take
This will definitely resonate with you, as even though we are not facing a zombie invasion, we are still facing a pandemic. You might as well watch this show, till the world finds a cure for COVID-19.

Rating 3/5

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