Kirby Buckets (Season 1 -3)

Kirby Buckets (Season 1 -3)
Platform : Disney Plus
Language : English
Synopsis : Follows 13-year-old Kirby Buckets, who dreams of becoming a famous animator like his idol, Mac MacCallister. Kirby sees his drawings take shape as he and his best friends, Fish and Eli, go on outrageous and unpredictable adventures.
Cast : Jacob Bertrand, Mekai Curtis, Cade Sutton, Olivia Stuck, Tiffany Espensen, Dean Julian, Josh Faure-Brac, Tommy Blacha, Josh Keaton, Sue Boyajian, Dwight Schultz
Directors : Eyal Gordin, David Kendall, Jay Karas, Kristofor Brown, Walt Becker, Savage Steve Holland, Steven K. Tsuchida, Linda Mendoza, Alex Winter, Joe Menendez, Trish Sie, Troy Rowland, Mathew Rudenberg
Producer/s : Gabe Snyder (Executive Producer), Mike Alber (Executive Producer), Kristofor Brown (Executive Producer),
Cinematographer (DoP) : Mathew Rudenberg
Production House : Horizon Productions, Inc, Titmouse, Inc.
Music : Mark S. Hollingsworth, Bart Samolis, Jamie Dunlap

Total number of seasons : 3 Total number of episodes : 59
Episode Duration (minutes) : 23
Digital Premiere Date : May 1, 2020

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