Platform : HOICHOI
Language : BENGALI
Synopsis : The film revolves around the life and struggle of a cancer survivor. Arjun Mallik is a famous radio jockey. His listeners are fond of about his voice. His wife, Pritha is also a voice artist. Suddenly it is diagnosed that Arjun has Laryngeal cancer. He meets a speech therapist, Romilla and learns to speak with Esophageal voice. He can not speak but improvises himself. This a story of struggle of a cancer patient and his undaunted human spirit.
Cast : Jaya Ahsan Shiboprosad Mukherjee Paoli Dam Chitra Sen Konnenika Bandyopadhyay Biplab Dasgupta Jimmy Tangree
Directors : Shiboprosad Mukherjee & Nandita Roy
Production House : Windows Production
Music : Anupam Roy

Digital Premiere Date : April 5, 2020 Theater Release Date : May 10, 2019

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