Krishanu Krishanu Review: Essence missed, but well performed

Krishanu Krishanu Review: Essence missed, but well performed
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Imagine if Sue McKinley from Rang De Basanti had her project approved at the first go…we wouldn’t have had the fun of hearing her say ‘tumhari ma ki ankh’ in a British accent, would we? That’s why, when an aspiring filmmaker’s dream of making a movie on Krishnanu Dey got fulfilled after her first presentation, I failed to feel excited for her, because I didn’t see any struggle there. For various football lovers in Bengal, Krishanu Dey is an emotion who binds us all. He was the Dada who made Bengalis proud before Saurav Ganguly gained prominence. Try and make fun of Saurav Ganguly or Krishanu Dey, and watch a Bengali man/ woman’s blood boil. (Warning: Watching an angry Bengali won’t be entertaining anymore when he/she starts throwing something more than tantrums.) Football is one topic of discussion that you should carefully discuss while speaking with a Bengali. First of all, confirm whether that Bengali you are talking to is a supporter of East Bengal or Mohun Bagan. Then begin your conversation, or prepare yourself to hear an hour-long lecture filled with cusses. That’s the spirit with which the watch began. The addition of melodrama in Krishanu Krishanu spoiled the broth. It all started when it borrowed the narratorial style from Srijit Mukerji’s Uma. An NRI Bengali tells his daughter about the magical essence of Kolkata. Let’s get a few things straight there; Kolkata is not a city of princesses and fairies. (Please! please cut the melodrama). Kolkata is a city known for its lackadaisical nature. If Mumbai is a city which never sleeps, Kolkata is the city where most people sleep until the Durga Puja. These probably would have been a better definition of the city than what is otherwise said in the web-series. Krishanu! Krishanu! Remain a well-researched piece, which loses its grip when it fails to come to the point. It has done its best attempt to make a non-football fan, non-Bengali, understand why Krishanu Dey will always be known as India’s Maradona. When he breathed his last, a generous gathering of people from different walks of life — then West Bengal sports minister Subhas Chakraborty, then-mayor Subrata Mukherjee, Mamata Banerjee, actor Biplab Chatterjee, parted ways about their political differences to unite and pay their final tribute to him. This football player had the power to make present Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, walk with popular CPIM leaders in the same rally. (For the uninitiated, CM Mamata Banerjee is well- known for her 34 yearlong battle against the CPIM.) It’s not the best Bengali web series, but definitely, a better watch compared to the other products which are being released on the other platforms.   Ratings: 2 stars

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