Krishna and his Leela Review: A breezy, matured rom-com on complicated relationships!

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Krishna and his Leela Review: A breezy, matured rom-com on complicated relationships!
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Torn between his past and present girlfriends, a confused bachelor's indecisiveness spins a web of lies and cheating as he struggles to commit.

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Format: Feature Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+. (Language)
Genre: Rom-Com
Language: Telugu
Digital Premiere Date: 25 June 2020

After making a film like Kshanam, one would expect a director like Ravikanth Perepu to go bigger in the thriller genre. But the director has indeed made a U-turn and shifted paths to a rom-com, a genre in stark contrast to his earlier film. With the Coronavirus lockdown showing no signs of leaving the country, the Indian industry is looking at the only available option of direct OTT releases, and this colourful rom-com has hit Netflix now.

What’s the Story About?
Right at the start, we are introduced to Krishna, the protagonist of the film who begins telling us his story. Krishna’s first love was Satya (Shraddha Srinath), during his college days. After his breakup with Satya, Krishna meets Radha and starts kindling a nice relationship. However, things don’t go as planned when Krishna gets transferred to Bengaluru for his new job – the same city where Satya also resides in. The entire film is about how Krishna manages his relationships with four girls – Radha, Satya, Rukshar (his flatmate, played by Seerat Kapoor) and his own sister.

Krishna and his Leela begins on a breezy and funny note and continues the same mood for most parts of the film. With candid moments and conversations brimming with reality and wit, Ravikanth makes sure that there are hardly any dull moments in his narration until the final stretch of the film, where it actually starts to feel a little long. Though there are only about 5 characters in the first circle of the film, there is no need to look beyond them as the drama is always hitting the higher levels on the mercury. Ravikanth has a very matured outlook on relationships, which makes him set and execute his scenes in a very relatable yet bittersweet way. He strikes the right balance with his comics and the serious portions, but some more care could have been taken to cut short the runtime of the film, which starts to lose fizz in the final 30 minutes which are crucial to it.

Sidhu Jonalagadda in the lead role is a comfortable fit, and though he doesn’t bring something new to the fore, he has enough in him to hold our attention throughout. Shraddha Srinath brings up another solid performance putting her experience to use, with Shalini Vadnikatti also doing a great job even though she is relatively new. Seerat Kapoor and the rest of the cast are good fits and never feel out of place.

Music and Other Departments
Sricharan Pakala’s peppy music is the backbone of Krishna and his Leela, giving us some wonderful tunes which sync very well with the film. The cinematography is also well done, but the edit should have been taken care off better, as it feels abrupt at many places.

The witty and sensible dialogues are what make Krishna and his Leela so good to watch, in addition to the performances from the 3 leads.

The film easily could have been cut short by 15 minutes, making it crisper.

Did I enjoy it?
Yes, I did. A very good stress buster that might be just what you need at this time.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, if you are okay with rom-coms, go for it. It has been a while since a director has put forth such a fresh outlook on complicated relationships. But be ready to bear the length, which feels a little long.


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