Kristin Davis to star in HBO Max dark comedy 'Deeds'

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Kristin Davis to star in HBO Max dark comedy 'Deeds'

Kristin Davis is setting up a new project at HBO Max after she will be seen in the Sex and The City revival titled And Just Like That which is also going to be a part of the slate for the streamer. The actress is going to headline the black comedy Deeds that is being executive produced by Davis herself and Ellen Pompeo and Laura Holstein for Pompeo's Calamity Jane. Dave Fleming also will executive produce. The half-hour comedy has been penned by Michael Davidoff. 

The synopsis of the series is thus, "Deeds is about a desperate realtor (Davis) who embarks on an increasingly dark path when she’s forced to team up with a drug-addicted, sociopathic, young couple who soon discover that in the world of high-end, LA real estate when it comes to immorality and cutthroat behaviour, they’re outmatched."

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