Kudi Yedamaithe Review

This time loop thriller featuring Amala Paul and Rahul Vijay is bland and tiresome

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Kudi Yedamaithe Review
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What is the story about?

Adi (Rahul), a deliver boy, and Durga (Amala), a police officer, are caught in a time loop following a fatal accident. They will now have to devise a plan to escape the never ending loop. Can they do so?


The concept of time loop looks interesting on paper and can make for a compelling watch if narrated in an engaging manner. The sequences preceding and succeeding the time loop phenomenon should pack enough novelty and credibility, else, the whole narrative can end up being a borefest. Sadly, that is the case with Kudi Yedamaithe. The first two episodes are entirely dedicated to introduce the principal characters, and the related proceedings are tedious. The establishment of the time loop concept is formulaic and the director tries to spoon-feed every single aspect of the phenomenon, which results in a further dip in the tempo.
The biggest flaw of Kudi Yedamaithe is the monotonous screenplay. The series does have its fair share of bright moments here and there, but beyond a point, the narrative turns repetitive. The penultimate sequences in the last 3 episodes up the suspense factor. However, the series is unnecessarily stretched out. A rather small storyline is dragged beyond its threshold point to compile a 8-episode series. A crisp narrative and fast-paced screenplay would have worked quite well for the Pawan Kumar directorial.


Amala Paul fits the bill. She performs well as a puzzled police officer who is caught in a time loop. Rahul Vijay is decent in the role of a delivery guy. Ravi Prakash plays lead antagonist but he has very limited screen presence. There is nothing much to speak about the rest of the cast.

Music & Other Departments

The background score uplifts the intensity in a couple of penultimate scenes. Cinematography is neat and so is the production design.


The big reveal towards the end is one of the very few bright moments in the series.


The monotonous screenplay and the lackluster plot line.

Did I enjoy it?


Do I recommend it?

Yes, but you should watch with strictly minimal expectations.

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