Kuruthi Kalam Review

A Time-worn Gangster tale that doesn’t surprise you anywhere

Kuruthi Kalam Review
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What is the story about?

Moorthy (Srikanth) and Venkatesh (Ashok Vincent), once inseparable friends and now inevitable foes wage an inevitable war to rule Chennai. An honest youngster Vijay (Santhosh Prathap), who is on the verge of becoming a cop, is dragged into their game of rivalry, vengeance, and deception. 


Getting on with the ‘Pros’ factors first, Kuruthi Kalam significantly deviates from the routine web series structure from the Tamil regions (Most of the Tamil web series made so far are nothing but a film's script broke down into episodes). Apparently, director P. Rajapandi Danush and his team of writers deserve special mention for making a difference. One of the salient traits of Kuruthi Kalam is the action sequences. Besides, the characterizations have been neatly established. However, there are lots to bring upon the flip side. On the primary call, it’s the time-worn plot that we have already watched in movie formats. An honest and innocent youngster getting wedged between good and evil isn’t something new to our audiences. So, the characterization of Santhosh Prathap doesn’t create any sort of attention. Well, the ‘Gang Wars’ is the core premise of any crime-genres, and that’s how even the most celebrated Mirzapur is acknowledged. However, the unparalleled writing is what makes such stories gripping. After a certain extent, Kuruthi Kalam becomes too repetitive with the scenes and there’s nothing exceptional that brings us back and holds our attention. The twist during the final chapter, where Venkatesh finds out the real culprit is appreciable. But the open ending that hints at the rivalry for next season are between Item Kumar (played by Ashok Kumar) and Vijay doesn’t instill any sort of inquisitiveness. More than all, the biggest of all flaws comes through the characterization of Arun (played by Soundar Raja), which makes a Gentleman’s agreement with Item Kumar, and the reason is irking. There’s a dialogue, where Arun says, “I have always craved for what Vijay owns, including his girlfriend.” Oops! That’s too awkward. 


Despite this crime-drama getting into the mediocre zone halfway, the characterizations and performances of actors keep the show going. With most of the actors here passionately waiting to get a breakthrough, the director and producers seem to have been smart enough to get them on show. Be it Santhosh Prathap or Vincent Asokan, they have distinctly expressed their best through performance. Sanam Shetty’s character is feeble though. Some of her portions are slightly unacceptable. Being a doctor, she is always seen walking through the lanes only to be picked up by someone or kidnapped, which looks stilted. 



Performance of a few artistes Action sequences 

Few Action sequences 



The hackneyed plot with not so-engaging screenwriting. 


Did I enjoy it?

No! It was more like watching 90s Tamil movies based on gang wars

Do I recommend it?


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