La Revolution Review

A historically flawed film, but that isn't the only problem with it

Aparnna Hajirnis -

La Revolution Review

What is the story about?

La Revolution is an adventure, mystery, and supernatural series set during the time of the French Revolution with the backdrop of the violent uprising of the citizens against the exploitative aristocracy. The guillotine' inventor Joseph Guillotin (Amir El Kacem) uncovers a disease that drives the aristocracy to murder commoners. During the investigation of the prisoner Oka (Doudou Masta), he alleges that he cannot be the wanted cannibal who is said to have killed 16-year-old Rebecca. An act for which he was said to have been given capital punishment. Joseph's superiors are hardly interested in the search for the real culprit because the nobility is plagued by the ghosts. 


As if the real story of social injustice and the guillotines that were built out of displeasure by the population were not exciting enough, we are introduced to Zombies set in the era of the French Revolution. . However, the part about a mysterious disease grappling the nation will make you resonate with it because of the times we are living in. The first season of La Revolution looks fine and some of it was shot in a couple of interesting locations. Still, one can get the feeling that reducing the French Revolution to a conspiracy over a supernatural plague is a little silly. But even if you are not fed up with the familiar setting, the introduction of zombies makes it even more ridiculous. The first half of the show is rather bumpy and has really lousy pacing.  In any case, the makers have really failed at creating tension in the series. A lot of cinematic liberties have been taken in depicting the French Revolution, but the outcome is really vague and outlandish.


The performances are strictly okay and you can't really blame the actors if they are handed lousy and ridiculous scripts.

Music & Other Departments

The music is above average, while the costume and makeup departments farewell. The cinematography is also to the mark as the show has been shot in beautiful locations. Bonus points to the art team for recreating an era gone by with supernatural elements. 



The costumes, the special effects are the only good takeaways from this show. 


The series with 8 episodes is absolutely boring, dreary and you can't wait to finish it. Even as the series ends, there is no take away from it. 

Did I enjoy it?

French Revolution with ghosts, zombies, and a pandemic!I think the makers were a little too ambitious and wanted to ensure that their show had everything that is wrong with the world currently. I wonder how Karl Marx would have felt about fighting the class struggle, social issues, and zombies all at the same time. I think this sums up how I feel about the series.

Do I recommend it?

Hell no! I had to watch it because I had to review it. Save yourselves and do not waste your time watching 'La Revolution'.

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