LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Movie Review

Lego’s Star Wars Holiday Special is truly a Jolly-Ride this festive season!

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LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Movie Review
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What is the story about?

On the festive Life Day, while Poe is fussing over the festivities trying to make things right to be the best Life Day ever for Chewie and his family, Rey and BB-8 is on a mission to a Jedi Temple being a spoilsport.  Rey hopes to find a key to “Star Wars” galaxies past, that could unlock her being the master and Finn’s path to become the Jedi master. The film is directed by Ken Cunningham and written by David Shayne.


The original Life Day Special which was released back in 1978 was supposed to be a disaster that fans are not able to even digest to date. The old affair was ridiculed to a level no one could imagine and was branded the career-worst performances from lead actors Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher.

On the contrary, the Lego version of the Holiday Special is totally different case. Its fun-filled takes a strong dig at the early sequels and the original Life Day special. Cleverly written dialogues and witty one-liners made this version all the better and gave plenty of room for the makers to cheer the fans of the franchise this festive season. The subtle references from The Mandalorian and few recollections from the classic appeared as a treat to a Life Day Holiday extravaganza. As it begins you start to discern which of Geroge Lucas's “Star Wars” is the most trolled, was it the prequel trilogy or the ridiculed holiday special?

At the end of the day, this Lego version of Life Day Holiday Special was a rollicking fun ride that keeps you hooked straight for 45 minutes. Lego version of anything has been fun to date; they always find a way to entertain the audience with their wittiness. And this Holiday special is no exception.

Music & Other Departments

Despite being a Lego version the technical department was very strong they didn’t spare any expense and made it look very convincing and the background score was elevating. The CG was damn good and the editing was cutthroat.


Clever writing that kept the essence of the franchise intact. Witty dialogues that took deliberate jabs at the iconic “Star Wars” one-liners making this Lego version the best holiday affair.



Did I enjoy it?

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Do I recommend it?

Fan or no fan this short and better rendition of the original Life Day special will keep your holiday spirits on the right track. It’s hilarious and takes you on a jolly ride.

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