Let It Snow Review - An anthology film that makes little sense

Let It Snow Review - An anthology film that makes little sense
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This year’s pre-Christmas offering comes in the form of Let It Snow which has a star cast comprising Isabela Merced as Julie, Shameik Moore as Stuart, Kiernan Shipka as Angie, Odeya Rush as Addie, Liv Hewson as Dorrie and Mitchell Hope as Tobin in the lead. The story is set in a small town celebrating Christmas Eve that's hit by an unanticipated snowstorm. This further brings together a group of young folks, who struggle to enjoy and battle with this unforeseen event. After watching the series, all I can say is that, if you have ever flipped the pages of a novel, you will find an incredible familiarity to the same in 'Let It Snow'. The plot can merely be seen as Christmas celebrations, loosely revolving around the novel written by co-authors John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson, following the stories of a group of teenagers hit with a sudden snowstorm. The movie commences with a voiceover mentioning, “Snow has the power to bring us all together.” Instances of various characters including a pan over an artist recording in a recording studio, a young girl happily opening an acceptance letter from Columbia University and a boy and girl buying records at a local music store are then floated. Well! With the beginning, it seems almost impossible to find any connection between these storylines. However, gradually, the storylines do weave in together! The entire story is an amalgamation of friendships and relationships that get tested at several times in the show, however, depicted in quite a mediocre form. As the snowstorm hits the town, the group of high school seniors find their flow in friendships and love. The entire film can be called a freaking combo pack of sex, strong language and teen partying. There will never be a scarcity of Christmas activities as there will be a lot of singing, dancing, sledging, and every other thing usual for any Christmas day. However, being very frank, none of the storylines is strong enough to warrant attention. However, one cannot deny the great chemistry of the cast, despite the mediocre plot which isn’t unique in any sense. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it can be an easy watch for Christmas. The music composed by Keegan DeWitt is striking and the cinematography by Jeff Cutter is sharp. Let It Snow also introduces a few singles including Moore's First Christmas (That I Loved You). Even though, the film isn’t a groundbreaking one but, the music is a worthy addition to your playlist. Besides, the ending clearly shows that all the plots are independent of each other, which only makes us wonder why they have been mashed up together in this film! Rating: 2/5

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