LetsConnect: Abhishekh Khan for SonyLIV's 'Project 9191'

Rishira Ganguly -

LetsConnect: Abhishekh Khan for SonyLIV's 'Project 9191'

Newcomer Abhishekh Khan is the new breakout star to watch out for. He is one of the few Indian actors to have entered the Indian entertainment industry through OTT platforms. Having started with the short film 'Bandish' on YouTube, he went on to star in Netflix's 'Bard of Blood' and was praised for his performance as Nusrat Marri. Now, with SonyLIV's 'Project 9191' he has tried to break away from the mould of his previous characters and adorned Johnny, the brain behind the task force of Project 9191. As Johnny, he again was praised by fans and critics alike for his acting prowess and the way he brought Johnny alive on screen. In this interview, we talk to Abhishekh about Project 9191, his character Johnny, being an OTT actor, why he thinks that he is not a star, and his future plans.

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