LetsConnect: Arzutra Garielle for her 2nd album 'Tumhaari'

Rishira Ganguly -

LetsConnect: Arzutra Garielle for her 2nd album 'Tumhaari'


Released on 2nd April, 'Tumhaari' is singer Arzutra Garielle's love for her fans in the form of an album. The 2nd Album, ‘Tumhaari’ contains 8 love songs including an exclusive Remix for her career marking the signature song ‘Woh Pal,’ produced by the iconic DJ Shadow Dubai (originally produced by Atif Ali). The 2nd Album has been produced by Atif Ali, the legendary Dubai based Composer who has given the Album ‘Tumhaari’ a fantasy-like feel with a balance of slow and upbeat songs to suit every mood. In this interview, we talk to the British born Bollywood inspired upcoming Pop Star about her new album, her journey as a musician and her inspiration behind her melodious tunes.

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