LetsConnect: Diganth Manchale for MX Player's 'Ramyug'

Rishira Ganguly -

LetsConnect: Diganth Manchale for MX Player's 'Ramyug'


Ram has always been an iconic character that was birthed out of the epic of Ramayana. Not only culturally but even politically and socially the character has impacted India throughout history and even more so in the present times than before. Playing such a complicated character with burdens of its own is difficult especially in India where the generation that has become the audience is impacted very easily. Taking up the charge of adorning this character, the protagonist in the MX Player series 'Ramyug' is Diganth Manchale, or 'Doodhpeda' as many of his fans know him by. In this interview, we talk to the actor about becoming Ram for 'Ramyug', what it means for him, how he prepared for a role for which he needed mastery over a language that he is not familiar with and a fun anecdote about his Grandmother and the reaction she gave when she heard that he would be playing Ram.

The Kunal Kohli directorial 'Ramyug' starring Diganth Manchale, Aishwarya Ojha, Akshay Dogra, Vivaan Bhatena, Kabir Duhan Singh, Shishir Sharma, Tisca Chopra, Navdeep Pallapolu, Anish John Kokain, Dilip Tahil among others premieres today, 6th May on MX Player.

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