LetsConnect: Sanya Malhotra for Netflix film 'Pagglait'

Rishira Ganguly -

LetsConnect: Sanya Malhotra for Netflix film 'Pagglait'

Sanya Malhotra is defining the roles she plays, so much so that one remembers the actress through her characters. Here to mesmerise audiences once again is Malhotra adorning the role of Sandhya Giri, a widow who does not feel like crying when her husband dies, shocking her friend and family. In 'Pagglait' we see a woman's journey through the desire to grieve, to feel what was perhaps never given to her. In this journey, we find different characters through her lens, as well as through the lens of the shared grief that brings together a family, divided by their own desires. In this interview with Sanya Malhotra, we converse on various topics ranging from her portrayal of Sandhya to the importance of the story being told on a global platform like Netflix. Without giving much away Malhotra is able to tell audiences why they should watch 'Pagglait' which has released on the streaming platform on 26th March.

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