Lift (2021) Review

A basic horror thriller that benefits from Kavin’s solid performance!

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Lift (2021) Review
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What is the story about?

Guru (Kavin) and Harini (Amritha Aiyer) are two IT officegoers who work for the same company. As Guru stays back one night to finish off a pending project, freak incidents take place in the building that makes him reach out for the exit. But as he takes the lift, things turn for the worse and the pair struggle the whole night in search of answers. 


Lift falls in the same line of single-location thrillers round the world, and also has its similarities with Amala Paul-starrer Aadai which came out a couple of years ago. The film has a wafer-thin plot and only banks on the hide-and-seek game that the lead pair play along with the ghost in the film. The first half builds itself quite interestingly with scenes both inside and outside the lift, but second half of the film gets too repetitive with a cliche-ridden flashback making things worse. Lift then begins to hang on the shoulders of its lead pair and its strong technicalities to get through, which is not quite enough. 


Kavin’s superb performance is the big highlight of the film, as the actor shows promise portraying different sets of emotions. His acting towards the end will be largely loved by his fans, and it is a good show from him that will pull more offers towards him. On the other hand, Amritha Aiyer does justice to her role too, without overdoing much. Apart from them, there is nothing much to say about the rest of the cast, who have small roles. 

Music & Other Departments

This is the department in Lift which gets full marks. Yuva’s cinematography is top notch and makes use of some splendid trolley shots to get the job done in narrow passages. The music by Britto Michael is peppy, with very good BGM as well. Tapas Nayak is the star of the show with his intricate sound design work. 


Kavin’s superb performance is the best part about Lift


The film feels like it is fooling the audience with its horror-centric scenes.

Did I enjoy it?

In bits and pieces. 

Do I recommend it?

If you are a fan of the horror genre and don’t mind the lack of logic, Lift will be for you. Otherwise, no. 

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