Live Telecast Review

A mildly interesting series that shows some sparks but still dries up!

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Live Telecast Review
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Live Telecast is noted director Venkat Prabhu’s first entry into the web series space, streaming now on Disney+Hotstar. The series landed on the platform, on the 12th of February.

What is the story about?

Jenifer (Kajal Aggarwal) is a show director who comes up with a brand-new idea for a show called Dark Tales, on the channel she works for. She works on the concept of re-enacting ghost stories for the show, but unfortunately, the idea turns out to be a huge failure. A dejected Jenifer and her team brainstorm ideas for a new show, and end up to the idea of filming real stories live and telecasting it directly on TV. What starts as a 100% drama turns out to lead them to areas they didn’t even expect.


Live Telecast is a series that has the right plot for a horror comedy series with potential for interesting reveals, but it does make full use of the opportunity that it has in hand. The series takes way too much time to set the plot in motion and establish its characters, with close to half of the time gone by as we get to the core of the story. Though Venkat Prabhu’s ideas are creative and he brings a good amount of variation in his characters, the events that take place in the series are far from intriguing and make it a slow-moving, generic watch. However, the series manages to show some spark in its second half, where there are a fair number of good moments with the entire ensemble contributing nicely. A handful of interesting moments here cannot salvage the series from what it is, but it at least makes the journey to the end a bit better.


Kajal Aggarwal in the lead role is not the right fit, with her onscreen reactions not graduating much from what she has done previously in her career. The best performers of the show turn out to be Anandhi, Daniel Pope and Vaibhav (to an extent), with fine entertainment value riding on them.

Music & Other Departments

Premgi Amaren’s music is indeed a good addition to the show, as he manages to up the ante with his score and also brings in an emotional song that works well. On the other hand, the cinematography is just about functional, having nothing good to write home about.


The core idea of the show holds some interest.


The fact that the show doesn’t manage to make best use of the plot is a negative.

Did I enjoy it?

The show did manage to build some interest in its latter half, but the dryness did pop up and burn out the excitement.

Do I recommend it?

Live Telecast is far from perfect, and might only interest pure fans of the horror comedy genre.

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