Living Undocumented Review: Stories of unregistered US citizens (Netflix)

Living Undocumented Review: Stories of unregistered US citizens (Netflix)
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Since November 8, 2016, the world has found a new hobby; Let’s bash Donald Trump because Meryl Streep said so. Everyone, including the Kolkatan who doesn’t know the mayor of the city to the US citizen who can’t think beyond the Obamas, feel that Trump is a threat to the world. The Netflix documentary, Living Undocumented will be the film, non-politically affiliated liberals will use against anyone who dares to call Trump a worthy American. The six episodes of Living Undocumented tell the stories of eight undocumented families who were deported from the USA in 2018. The documentary didn’t have a specific pattern. It was so focused on concentrating on the lives of unregistered citizens, that it almost forgot, that it is not exactly legal to live in a country without proper documentation and this rule existed even when Barack Obama was the President of the US. Except, the Democrats didn’t feel the necessity to deport citizens who were illegally living in the US, while the Republican acted differently. Living Undocumented reached the zenith with its sympathy that for a moment they simply seem to forget what’s legal and illegal. Let us forget Trump, Modi, NRC, for a second and look at everything objectively. What do you call someone who crosses the country borders without a passport? Is it legal to live in a country without citizenship? What kind of actions are you supposed to take when someone illegally resides in your country, by secretly crossing the border? President Trump’s orders to remove illegal citizens became a nightmare for such citizens. After a certain point of time, it indeed became a stressful watch since the makers probably forgot that it’s anyway illegal to live in a country without citizenship or a passport approving the person to live in a different country for a certain period of time. It’s one thing to criticise Donald Trump for ordering the legal Muslim citizens to leave the United States and a completely different thing to take strict action against citizens who live without documentation. The aftermath may be distressing, but who is truly responsible for that?

Ratings: 1/5

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