Llama Llama Season 2 Review - An educational and informative watch for kids

Llama Llama Season 2 Review - An educational and informative watch for kids
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The show has a great cast of actors voicing and bringing the characters to life. You have Franciska Friede who plays Ramona Rhino while Jennifer Garner plays Mama Llama, Vania Gill plays Luna Giraffe, Islie Hirvonen plays Nelly Gnu, Brenden Sunderland plays Euclid sheep, Austin Abell plays Gilroy Goat, Kathleen Barr plays Grandma Llama/ Eleanor Elephant/ Lenora leopard/ Mama Gnu and Ramona Rhino, Vincent Tong plays Officer Flamingo and Daddy Gnu, Shayle Simons plays Llama Llama, David Hoole plays Grandpa Llama and Evans Johnson plays Zelda Zebra. It emphasises positive qualities like kindness, empathy, respect, and generosity in stories that will especially resonate with young kids but are enjoyable enough to appeal to a broader audience, including parents. Often the lessons come as the consequence of misguided behaviour on the part of Llama Llama or one of his friends. But with the gentle guidance of Mama Llama (Jennifer Garner) and other grown-ups, the young characters learn to make better choices, resolve conflict in constructive ways, and be open to trying new things. Season 2 will see more of Llama bonding with Mama and Gram. One of the cutest moments for me had to be when the Llama and his buddies make New Years'Resolutions and no one has fun because all of them have way too many resolutions! Isn't it relatable? As an adult, you too could relate to this story. I liked this show so much because it has a great cast of actors bringing it all to life. However, there’s never any mention of a Daddy Llama, after all. But going through the television series and seeing so much more of Llama Llama’s life, not only does it become clear there is no Daddy Llama, it almost starts to seem like there may be never was a Daddy Llama. After watching the whole series through several times, I am convinced Mama Llama is a single mama by choice. And maybe that doesn’t mean much to most families, but it is indeed a brave and progressive move by the creators to have a show where the central character is a single Mama by choice.

Rating: 4/5

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