Lockup Review: Tamil cinema finally delivers a watchable film on OTT, during the lockdown!

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Lockup Review: Tamil cinema finally delivers a watchable film on OTT, during the lockdown!
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Format:   Featured
Platform:   Zee5
Movie Rated:   16+
Genre:   Action, Drama
Language:    Tamil
Digital Premiere date:  14 August  2020


Tamil film audiences were continuously striving for good content since the lockdown began, as all the direct OTT releases received terrible reviews. After Jyothika's Ponmagal Vandhal, Keerthy's Penguin, Varalaxmi's Danny, Gayathri's Yaadhumagi Nindraai and Yogi Babu's Cocktail, this big Independence Day Weekend, Zee5 has released Vaibhav's Lockup. Here we are to give out our opinion on the film.

What's the story about?
Vasanth (Vaibhav) is an ambitious police constable who aspires to become a Sub Inspector since his girlfriend Meena's (Vani Bhojan) father wants his son-in-law to be in a job that pays decently. Moorthy (Venkat Prabhu), Sampath (Mime Gopi) work in the same Neelankarai Police Station, as Sub Inspector and Inspector respectively. The narrative begins at midnight where Chennai’s Police Commissioner calls the Tiruvanmiyur Police Inspector Ilavarasi (Easwari Rao) and asks her to take additional responsibility at the Neelankarai station as Inspector Sampath was found dead. She was also informed Moorthy has caught hold of the culprit at the crime spot. Also, on the same day, Meena's housemaid, Malliga (Poorna) was found dead (which is assumed to be suicide) in the outskirts of the city. The rest of the tale is how Ilavarasi and Vasanth unveil the crime connecting both the Inspector's murder and Malliga's suicide.

With many advantages such as a good plot, an engaging screenplay and laudable performances, this film is an example of why the technical aspect is equally important in the success of a film. If at all, the dubbing aspects could have been rectified and if they had presented the film with better music and artwork, this film could have matched the standards of being a Myskkin-esque film (Of course, forgetting the few partially predictable twists). On the director's front, he has written and executed an engaging thriller which holds your interest for at least 80 minutes of the whole 100-minute run-time. Also, this is Venkat Prabhu's comeback into acting, making us urge him to consider performing in films as a serious profession so that we could witness this awesome performer more often. Also, towards the climax, a few dialogues from this film reminds us of the recent Sathankulam Lockup death. Kudos to the creator who had executed an intense tale even before the incident. However, the technical aspects and the preachy climax of the film affect its overall result and make it fall back somewhat.

A versatile artist like Easwari Rao is a big advantage, as she holds the whole film throughout, whenever she is onscreen. Director Venkat Prabhu, an experienced actor who has acted in films like Ji and Sivakasi, did not act in many films after he became a full-time director. After his brilliant performance in Kalavu, this cop character which has a grey tint added to it has given the part-time actor the much-needed scope to perform. He scores well in every scene that he appears. Also, Poorna who has depicted the role of a house-maid has performed so genuinely to the role with lots of realism added. Vaibhav and Vani Bhojan have delivered the requisite performances in the right aspects. Credits to the kids who played the children of Poorna as they carried out their roles well, though a bit over the top.
Music and Other Departments
The biggest disadvantage of the film is the technical team. The film's music, production value, most importantly the sound department dragged this film down to an average outing. The film's RR definitely did not match up to the intensity of the writing, while the dubbing was so evidently defective as most of them were not even lip-synced properly. The editing was also haphazard, as there were a lot of continuity issues in the film.

The biggest merit of the film is the intense plot and engaging screenplay. The film unveils suspense and twists whenever there could be a loss of pace. Though some twists are predictable, the film is engaging for most parts.


The technical issues of the film are a big turnoff and are something that could have been rectified during the lockdown.
Did I enjoy it?
Not great, but I liked it more than the other Tamil releases during this lockdown.

Do I recommend it?
A fairly decent thriller that stands better when compared to the other recent tamil releases from the platform.




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