LOL Salaam Review

This middling comedy-drama is a mixed bag

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LOL Salaam Review
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What is the story about?

A group of 5 friends, Reddy, Naidu, Varma, Khan and John, along with their middle-aged companion Babai go on a short trip to a nearby waterfalls. But all hell breaks loose after the car the gang is travelling in breaks down. Following a series of co-related incidents, Reddy ends up stepping on a landmine. The rest of the gang now has devise a rescue plan to save their friend.


A group of 6 companions find themselves in a life-threatening sociopolitical turmoil after one of them unintentionally steps on a landmine. The plot has a very good premise and it offers quite a few avenues to generate situational comedy. The comedy generated through the tricky situations the lead characters find themselves in is good in parts. However, the Naxal-MLA feud track which fuels the entire narrative is neither engaging nor novel. The subplot pertaining to the protest that is being raised by the native villagers to save the forest region looks forced.
LOL Salaam starts off as a comedy caper as gang of 6 men land neck-deep in trouble and it switches templates in a rather hurried manner. The series would have made for a very compelling viewing had it stuck to the comical narrative. The entire social drama track related to Naxals and the problems that are being faced by the natives is underwhelming to say the least.


Kivish Kautilya plays Reddy, the leader of the pack and he looks settled and composed. Ajju Bharadwaj, Pavan Kumar, Srinivas Reddy, Rohit Krishna and Darahas play other members of the gang and they deliver what is expected of them.

Music & Other Departments

Ajay Arasada’s background score gels with the narrative. Rakesh Narayan’s cinematography is sleek. He captures the vibrant locales of rural landscapes very well. The fourth and fifth episodes needed better editing.


The comedy generated through the hardships faced by the lead characters.


The social drama track.

Did I enjoy it?

The comedy track, yes. The rest, a big NO.

Do I recommend it?

You can give it a try if you have way too much spare time.

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