Loser Review: Has an indomitable spirit backed with commendable performances.

Loser Review: Has an indomitable spirit backed with commendable performances.
Movie Rated
All Ages

Format: Web Series
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: All Ages
Genre: Sports
Language: Telugu
Digital Premiere Date: 15 May 2020


What is the story about?
Loser is an anthology series which follows three stories that run parallel to each other. Suri (Priyadarshi Pulikonda) plays an air rifle shooter from the early 2000s, Wilson (Shashank) plays a cricketer from the ’80s and Ruby (Annie/Kalpika Ganesh) is a badminton player from the ’90s. It explores and contemplates the hurdles faced by these characters during the journey of their life as a sportsperson. This sports drama is directed by Abhilash Reddy.

The series has a very potential cast who have performed their respective characters diligently. Priyadarshi as Suri was impeccable who played the character as if it was tailor-made for him. Most definitely this series will prove to be a game-changer for him. Shashank as Wilson was commendable; he did a fantastic job which made the character interesting by the episode. The different shades of his character were well performed. Ruby a.k.a Ruby Shabana happens to be my favourite among the lot. Especially the younger version of Ruby played by Annie. She was very convincing and diligent. Followed by Kalpika Ganesh who played the senior Ruby. That being said the supporting cast was a fantastic ensemble which included Sayaji Shinde, Pavani Gangireddy, Komalee Prasad and Abhay Bethiganti. Even a small character which appears for a brief period of time leaves a good impression. The casting and performance were great. 
Anthologies are a tricky genre where one fails to weave a seamless narration. But in “Loser” it was beautifully woven by Sai Bharadwaj, Shravan Madala & Abhilash Reddy. Three timelines and three different stories but the writers made sure they don’t overlap nor gets confusing for the audience. The emotions were rooted and were on the lines of the film Jersey. The first episode sets a great tone for the series to follow which is spread across 10 episodes. The pacing was slow but I believe when there are multiple characters which run high on emotions. It is necessary that they do justice by establishing them at their convenience making it more relatable. The struggle of characters to rise above the class, politics and competition was well highlighted. The sports aspects were well researched and the actors were well trained in their respective sports bringing an authentic outlook to the series. The writing was beautiful and they did a great deal of justice with no compromise. 

Music and other Departments
The music by Sriram Maddury was apt which grasped the essence of the subject. The score was a gripping one which elevated the landmark moments in the series with no exaggeration. DOP Naresh Ramadurai did a delectable job. Perfect choice of tones for three different timelines and you’ll find a few brilliant frames in the series. Anil Kumar and Naveen Kumar were seamless with their editing. Another noteworthy aspect was Art direction and it was perfect.
As mentioned earlier this series runs high on emotions and spirits, they were expressed in the most balanced way with very less melodrama and the director had a knack to bring the same out in his actors. Rooted emotions and impeccable performances become the strong suit of “Loser”.


As far as I’m concerned there are none. But few may find the pacing as a problem.
Did I enjoy it?
I thoroughly did.


Do I recommend it and why?
Definitely, I recommend it. The nuances and hurdles of middle-class people in our country were displayed with a realistic approach. Everyone will find at least one aspect which they will relate to their life.


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  • Simply superb no words to say, Thank you everyone for wonderful web series.

  • By Naresh Vanka at 03:37 pm, 15 May 2020


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