Lost Bullet Review: Fast paced action and chase sequences uphold this engaging thriller!

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Lost Bullet Review: Fast paced action and chase sequences uphold this engaging thriller!
Movie Rated


Facing a murder charge, a genius mechanic with a criminal past must track down a missing car containing the proof of his innocence: a single bullet.

Format: Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Language: French
Digital Premiere Date: 19 June 2020

French films are usually known for their mad pace and high level of believability in action sequences. At a time when films take the safer routes for the risky action stretches, here comes a racy 90-minute thriller that offers a good bang for the buck. We’re talking about the latest release on Netflix, called Lost Bullet.

What’s the story about?
Lost Bullet tracks the story of Lino, a small-time criminal who is brought out from his term in prison to help during a police job. However, an unfortunate incident turns things on its head, forcing him to be charged with murder. Lino goes out of his way to prove his innocence, and that can only be done by tracking down the car used for the job, which has the proof of the ‘lost bullet’.

Director Guillaume Perret has very little time to play with, so he gets going with his plot from the very first scene. Adopting a racy narrative, he spaces out his action and chases sequences very well, giving the viewer a good space to breathe in between as well. Lost Bullet’s story might not have great shakes, but it’s the action sequences and the chase scenes that keep it going. Perret could have opted for some more suspense in the tale, but he chooses to settle with minimum emotional trauma, and concentrate more eradicating the lulls in the depiction of events. The result is a fair watch that may not leave an impact on you but is definitely fun while it lasts.

Amongst the entire cast, Ramzy Bedia manages to make the highest impact even though he appears only for the least amount of time. The rest of the cast is seemingly chosen from the way in which they can perform the action blocks, more than their acting chops. You will not find great acting here, but you don’t necessarily need it.

Music and Other Departments
Lost Bullet has decent music and editing to go with, but credit should go to the cinematography team, who have captured the tension well, especially in the final car chase scene which boosts the adrenaline.

The action sequences all through the film are well done and become the biggest plus point.

The film could have dealt with an emotional value for the lead character, which would have helped us connect to him better. This way, it won’t last on our minds once we finish watching it.

Did I enjoy it?
I quite liked it. Was not expecting something great, but the action did keep me entertained.

Do I recommend it?
If you are looking for something lightweight within the space of just one and half hours, Lost Bullet could be your pick this weekend.




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