Lost In Space Season 2 Review - A familiar yet poignant drama in the sci-fi space

Lost In Space Season 2 Review - A familiar yet poignant drama in the sci-fi space
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Although the adventure of the season two of Lost In Space treads a familiar path, the cast is promising with the likes of Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall, Maxwell Jenkins, Parker Posey and Ignacio Serricchio.

Season 2 of Netflix’s Lost in Space is a visually astounding sci-fi series that has a lot going for it. Including plenty of breathtaking views, this one spans across galaxies and has a universal theme that's bound to appeal a mainstream audience.

Sheer predictability is, however, common in both the seasons of the series. Even though a few of you may call it appealing only to the younger audiences and sci-fi fans, this one is a perfect fit for all. Consistent, enjoyable and entertaining would be the best words to describe the show.

Even though the first season was tiring with its overlong runtime, this one is a spectacle on screen. Right from the moment where the Robinsons family is introduced in the plot, you will find them running around and taking you along, trying to save the world from a catastrophic event or danger.

An aspect that strongly enhances the excellent storytelling is its remarkable consistency of presentation. The family bonds along with their confrontation with dangers, whose beautiful presentation is hard to miss.

The dialogues are well crafted to match the need of the scenes. The background score and additional music go very well with the script. It wouldn’t be overwhelming to note that cinematography is the backbone of the entire series. You will not regret watching it episode after episode to explore the adventures of its protagonists.

Season two of Lost In Space mostly sticks to the formula of the first season but the entertainment quotient vastly improves. This drama between the members of the Robinsons family includes many heart-warming moments which makes it a true family show this Christmas. The writers Vivian Lee, Kari Drake, and Daniel McLellan have come up with a series that can definitely make your Christmas merrier.

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