Love and Affairs Review: Strong Content with an otherwise sloppy frame

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Love and Affairs Review: Strong Content with an otherwise sloppy frame
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Happily married... is this just a myth? The next hoichoi web series, Love and Affairs, starring real life couple Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Sengupta, which explores the story of a happy marriage. Again, did we say happy?

Format: Web Series 
Platform: HoiChoi
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Bengali
Digital Premiere Date: 20 June 2020

What is the story about?
Happy couple Abhi and Roshni learn that their marriage is in the brinks when they start hiding conversations from each other and begin eavesdropping. Each of them is under the impression that their spouse is cheating on them, it takes the director Abhishek Saha only five episodes to construct a narrative where we learn that sometimes problems in marriage do not happen when we start getting friendly with other people, but due to lack of communication.

Indraneil Sengupta has been a much-missed star on the big screen and small screen. He plays the role of a dying superstar who struggles hard to come to terms with his financially deprived life. He almost strikes our conscience and we find ourselves sincere hoping that this is only an act for his part and not a story of his own. After all, the last thing India needs right now is the death of another talent due to depression.

Barkha Bisht Sengupta is unable to keep up with the tough competition that Indraneil Sengupta has put up for her. Even in her non-Bengali accent, she is unable to justify her character, as she is unable to absorb herself in the script completely, unlike her husband Indraneil. She was either too uncomfortable to get cosy with Indraneil in the presence of a camera, or she has to thoroughly work on her skills on how to work for the character, and not the camera.

Love and Affair was another lockdown film that was shot in indoor spaces. There were only glimpses of a scene where the couple push a button to get a lift or a video conference which takes place in the US.

Director Abhishek Saha explores the concept of a troubled marriage with new dimensions, which doesn’t include extra-marital affairs or boredom, but partners who care enough for each other, hence they lie, they steal, they pretend only to boost each other’s confidence. But is that really a necessity? Isn’t an emotional partnership all about being completely honest with one another?

Music and other departments
One of the major problems with aspiring Bengali filmmakers is that they are either trying to be too Bengali or attempting to be a thorough Bengali after forgetting the roots. They try to experiment with folk songs, and new kinds of music but there are a few experiments which completely don’t work out the way you had pictured them to be.

There was an attempt to be an Anjan Dutta but with a spin of its own.

Sometimes marriages fall apart not because there’s someone else to blame but due to the lack of communication. The art of talking, letting feelings out, embracing can sometimes be the emotional key to satisfaction. Abhi and Roshni were a couple who was only looking out for each other, protecting each other, but it was both ego and emotion which barred them from conversing further, about their problems hence they started blaming each other and reading too much into the friendly smile which did not come their way.

In an otherwise brilliant script, director Abhishek Saha failed to pull the strings, as he was unable to stop his camera from moving too much. Sometimes, the audience needs a break from the experimental shots as they need to carefully study the faces, body language of the character presented to them on-screen.

Did I enjoy it?
Love and Affair has its own share of good thoughts. After quite some time we were able to witness an original content on broken marriage, that was not taken from Bollywood, Hollywood and neither did they put the blame of another woman or man for meddling with married people, but the spouses for forgetting the art of communication, its beauty and the stronger bondage that it creates.

Do I recommend it?
Yes. It would be a wise watch to sit and witness a story that has a different kind of truth attached to itself.




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