Love Sleep Repeat Review – Anshuman Malhotra shines in an inconsistent narrative

Love Sleep Repeat Review – Anshuman Malhotra shines in an inconsistent narrative
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ZEE5 comes up with yet another book adaptation. The new young series titled Love, Sleep Repeat is adapted from Anmol Rana’s Seven Days Without You, the genre being romance. Kids are so innocent, but as they grow up they unknowingly concoct some of the most inconceivable ideas of deconstructing their rather perfect life to find themselves, like the case of ‘Vishwas’ (Anshuman Malhotra). Vishwas is a small-town boy who has bagged a well-paying job in Pune immediately after graduation. On his way from his hometown, Panchgani to Pune and while he is at his job, this cute little lovesick puppy, who is thirsting for genuine love meets with seven different kinds of women who affect his life in different ways. The leading ladies include Rima Sen, Tina Singh, Priyal Gor, Priya Banerjee, Harshadaa Vijay, and Puneesh Sharma. The casting was on point! Each character had emerged organically and was in sync with the plot. But, one wonders why the women were showcased in such a negative light? One can imagine Vishwas being a geeky nerd, but he is far from being a fool. So, does destiny manage to rock his world seven times over without him having an iota of knowledge on which woman could be playing her catty parts on him? Was he so foolish that after learning one and twice and three times over, he couldn’t get his act together? Even imbeciles can do a better job! There is a fair share of humour in the series, but it isn't quite situational. There are times when Vishwas’s chemistry with his co-star is missing and comes across rather starkly on screen. Perhaps a few workshop sessions could’ve helped tie the loose ends! Anshuman Malhotra, in the role of Vishwas, has played his part very well indeed as the lead protagonist. I was amused at how he made this puppy face when he was offered the powder and had no idea of what was going on. In parts, he was such a natural, that I felt that the director Abhishek Dogra had been smart enough to explore his acting talent! This was very well executed, and you take the cake here Anshuman. Even Puneesh Sharma as Harsh does a fine job. He plays the perfect brother to the lovesick puppy. With the varied expressions that he manages to deliver, one can tell, that he can come to the fore. The costumes and production were good, apart from a few misgivings. The rave party was a bit of a sham. They could have made it more real unless they were trying to underplay the same. But honestly, they didn’t have to do that as everything is dished out on a platter in the world of the ‘wide web’.

Rating: 2.5/5

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