Love Youtube? Interesting events which made Youtube the Superpower now. Check it out

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Love Youtube?  Interesting events which made Youtube the Superpower now. Check it out

Today, in 2020, is there any human being who hasn't yet used Youtube or at least heard of Youtube. The Online Video Viewing Platform was made public today, 15 Years back, on 31 May 2005. In 15 Years, Youtube is now the strongest and fastest medium ever in the world. From making their cute kids viral to help the detective decide a crime scene, Youtube is involved at various stages. So, at LetsOTT we thought we would give you an idea on the growth of the Google acquired Video Streaming Site chronologically.

October 2004

So, like many other successful startups, the idea of Youtube as well was born in a Garage. Three Paypal Employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim decided to open a website for users to upload their video - dating profiles. (Seriously mate?? YT was supposed to be a Dating app. Huh?). Those three brains started to work it out in Hurley's Garage, back in October 2004.

February 2005

On the eve of Valentine's Day of 2005, Chad Hurley the CEO of the trio registered the trademark, domain and logo of Youtube. The website was launched with an idea of dating as they had planned for a small community and fortunately it became attractive to many people. So, on 2005's Valentine's Day, many started uploading all kind of videos (of course including their Dating videos). The co-founders also worked with women to upload their dating videos for up to 20$ Per Video.

February 14, 2005 was when the domain "" was put into the internet. 

April 2005

Based on the feedback of the trio's peer, they converted the dating idea to a free video hosting platform. They also made sure that each video has an individual link. Also, the first-ever 18-second video on Youtube was uploaded on April 23, 2005, by Karim, one of the startup's co-founders with the title "Me at the Zoo". In the Video, Karim explained his experience at a Zoo. It's still live on Youtube.

31 May 2005

Yesss! Youtube was launched for Public. The beta version was available to everyone for use. And that's why we say Youtube is 15 years old.

October 2005

On October 21 2005, a video on youtube became the first-ever Video with 1 Million Views online. It's none other than Legendary Footballer Ronaldinho's Nike Ad. The Ad showed the Brazilian Soccer player receiving Golden boots. The video is still available on youtube in a channel with 300 subscribers -

Also, at this particular point of time, the world got to know the power of the medium and also the intensity of getting viral through it. This particular video made the world market leaders consider the platform as a medium for them to establish their products.

November 2005

After a few months, Roelof Botha played a vital role in acquiring investment for YouTube. FYI Botha worked with the founders in Paypal. (Yeah, Friendship saves you any day). In November, of 2005 Youtube got its first investment Sequoia Capital of $3.5 million helping the site grow to what it is today.

December 2005

After getting viral, the founders immediately launched the site out of beta and made it available to everyone. Also, they unveiled a fact that the platform is viewed by 8 million people per day on Dec 2005.

February 2006

After clips of the Saturday Night Live sketch "Lazy Sunday" attract millions of views on YouTube, NBC demands that a particularly viral clip is removed from the site. NBC's complaint paved the way for YouTube's "Content Verification Program," which launched in October 2007 to help content creators easily identify videos that infringe on their copyrights and get them removed.
(Source: New York Times)

April 2006
A video is uploaded to YouTube showing two boys in China lip-synching to the Backstreet Boys. Susan Wojcicki — YouTube's current CEO, who was in charge of Google's acquisitions at the time — credits this video with convincing her that it would be worth it for Google to invest in user-generated content by purchasing YouTube.

April 2006

Sequoia Capital and Artis Capital Management invested $8 million in YouTube's Series B funding round, bringing total investment in the site to around $12 million. When YouTube is acquired months later, these firms' investments pay out massively.
(Source: NewYork Times)

June 2006

After the initial tussle over the SNL sketch, a few months later, the TV channel collaborated with YouTube and they started promoting the TV Network's fall line-up and other features. This collaboration was significant in traditional media entering the digital age creating Digital History. It also marked the beginning of YouTube's several key partnerships with content providers.

October 2006

After a big bidding war between pioneers of that time, Yahoo and Google (because Google is still and always a Pioneer), Youtube was acquired for 1.65$ Billion by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The trio which brought this idea into the world benefitted 400$ Million each. Also, on the same day, Youtube moved it's HQ to San Bruno, California. (Still, the HQ is the same place)

June 2007

In the same year when Steve Jobs from Apple had launched their first-ever iPhone, Hurley from Youtube launched their Mobile version. During the launch, Hurley had even said that the mobile phones are going to be a huge market in future. Today I believe, Youtube is consumed by 80% through Mobile Phones. 

(Source: Mashable)

July 2007

YouTube teams up with CNN to host a presidential debate during the 2008 election cycle, featuring video questions submitted by the public. Seven out of the 16 presidential candidates in 2008 announced their campaigns via YouTube.

August 2007

Google launched Ads on Youtube for the first time. Instead of advertising the traditional way, they tried it innovatively by executing an in-video format in which the ad is featured in a semi-transparent banner. It also can be removed away in few seconds.

December 2007

Eventually, after they rolled out its first Ads, they started a Partner Programme in which many Americans benefitted with Six-figure incomes.

September 2008

One video featuring Judson Laipply hit 100 Million views and became the first video to achieve the biggest record (after climbing Mt.Everest) a man can achieve in 2020. Shockingly, the channel which holds the video has got only a lakh subscribers today!!

November 2008
YouTube expands its ad offerings to include sponsored videos and pre-roll ads.
A pre-roll ad appears ahead of video from YouTube creator "PointlessBlogVlogs."

April 2009

Justin Bieber, the Worldwide Sensational Singer was launched by Usher via Youtube. A year later, Bieber released his Music Video called Baby which is still one of the most disliked videos ever on Youtube.

'Baby'  ( I was at the 10th Grade, and I remember everyone looking at this video with their mobiles. Uff! It's making me feel old)

In the same month, Media company Vivendi collaborated with Youtube and forms a Video Service called Vevo as a Joint Venture. Today, Vevo manages music video licensing from Sony Music to Eminem. Every nook and corner, the Music Video Licensing is handled only by Vevo. Indeed they play an important role in reducing piracy

(Source: All Things D)

October 2009

Youtube announced that they have excelled the record of garnering  1 Billion Views per day. They also released another stat that more than 20 hours of video are being uploaded in every single minute.

October 2010

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Does anyone know him??
Okay, Felix Aka Pew-Di-Pie, the Swedish Youtuber who holds the record of having the most Subscribed Youtube Channel in the planet released his first video on the site (since surpassed 100 million subscribers). It was gaming commentary video and it ran for less than 3 Minutes.

Also, in the same month, Hurley who was the co-founder and CEO of Youtube stepped down from his position. After his resignation, Google announced that Salar Kamangar will be appointed as the CEO.
(Source: BBC)

December 2010

Youtube launched a new feature called "Skip-Ad". After 5 Seconds of the Ad, the user will be able to skip the Ad if it was not interesting. As everyone knew, this is another attractive feature which made Youtube the Number 1 in the Market.
(Source: TechCrunch)

April 2011

YouTube officially enters the broadcast business with the launch of YouTube Live. Bigger events like Olympics, concerts and royal weddings were streamed live during those times

May 2011

Youtube launched rental services for watching movies on the site. They also had a trial run for a year with indie films. This move from Youtube agitated streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu as the Google acquired site started competing 

(Source: Digital Commerce 360)

October 2011

YouTube invests $100 million into its first batch of original channels in a push to create original content on the platform partnering with established brands and major celebrities.

(Source: All Things D)

July 2012
PSY Gangnam Style - You can be the 80s or 90s or even a 2K Kid. You wouldn't forget this music video easily. The Chinese man shaking his legs was the go-to move for anyone in a party. This was the first-ever video to reach 1 Billion Views on Youtube. The video achieved this massive feat in a period of 3 Months by Dec 2012. Even at a point of time, Youtube's view count tracker got crashed due to this video. 

August 2012

YouTube becomes the go-to place for presidential elections by launching the "YouTube Elections Hub."

January 2013

YouTube opens "YouTube Spaces" in Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, New York, and Sao Paulo. These spaces function as recording and creating studios for YouTube content creators.

March 2013

Youtube announced that they have reached 1 Billion Monthly Users. 

February 2014

Susan Wojcicki, who was one of the earliest employees of Google was the one who convinced the Page and Brin to buy Youtube. She was made the CEO of Youtube in February 2014. She opened up to the media that she convinced them after seeing Chinese men singing BSB and uploading videos back in 2004.

February 2015

Youtube launched a Family Friendly Service called Youtube Kids. Now a recent data states that Youtube Kids garner 8 Million users per week. The service has special features for kids like limited screen time, parental controls, disable search etc.

August 2015 

Youtube launches game streaming to counter the growing platform Twitch. And for a fact, Twitch was acquired by Amazon and missed out by Google in bidding. With the service, the Gamers can live to stream their play sessions.

October 2015

Youtube announces a subscription service called Youtube Red where the videos will be played without Ads. In 2018, Youtube Red is renamed was renamed as Youtube Premium and now in 2020 with their idea to capitalise music lovers, it is Youtube Music. The subscription also offers the user to view the exclusive and original content.

January 2016

Adelle's Hello hit 1 Billion and became the fastest video to hit 1 Billion on Planet Earth by overtaking PSY's Gangnam Style. The British singer's video took only 88 days to achieve this record

April 2017

Due to multiple controversies, Youtube faced an Economic slowdown in Ads and the American Company came out with a Bang revamping the whole structure of Ads and Partner Programmes. Many of the content creators who were fraudulent were kicked out. Subsequently, Youtube also launched Youtube TV, an on-demand TV Service with tariff at 50$ a month

April 2018

A Woman open fires at the HQ - San Bruno, California. She wounded three people and killed herself. Later in a police investigation, it was found out she was one amongst the content creators who were demonetized due to updating of the policies in April 2017.

May 2019

After the surge of Jio in India, T-Series a Bollywood Music Label became the first Youtube Channel in the Universe to reach 100 Million Subscribers overtaking Pew-De-Pie. Any Netizen wouldn't have skipped through the war between both the channels for subscribers. (Comment down whom did you Subscribe)

December 2019

Six months after the Maza-Crowder controversy, YouTube updates its harassment policy to ban content that "maliciously insults" others — from creators to public figures — on the basis of race, gender, and sexual orientation. The policy also targets sustained harassment campaigns.

February 2020

Youtube, in the History of 15 Years (14 years Since Acquisition) announced its revenue for the first time. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google stated that Youtube has generated $14 Billion in the year 2019. He also gave an additional stat that it is 9% of Google's Ad Revenue.

May 2020
It's almost June and we are in the midst of a Pandemic. To celebrate 15 Years, we at LetsOTT brought you this Special feature.

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