Lovecraft Country Disney+ Hotstar Series Review

Ambitious, entertaining and likable despite some unevenness!

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Lovecraft Country Disney+ Hotstar Series Review

What is the story about?

The series concentrates on Atticus Black, a black man who goes on a road trip in a racially charged America to find the truth behind his missing father. However, everything isn’t as easy as he would’ve liked as he is made to run into a plethora of trouble on the way, before reaching the ultimate reveal.



At a time when most shows out there limit themselves to a storyline that can be squeezed into the runtime of just 2 episodes, Lovecraft Country does the exact opposite. The series is set on a huge scale, has a fantastic star cast and also pulls in such a deep and well-developed storyline that has so much pulp in it. Writer Misha Green makes sure that she envelopes important happenings from the past into the show, along with a clear idea of racism and the struggles that black people underwent, back in time. There is so much to process and realize in the story’s background apart from what is going on right in front of our eyes, which makes Lovecraft Country a very thick and heavy show to carry at one stretch. The series is pitch-perfect in its first five episodes, delivering the thrills and chills in good amounts. However, the unevenness sets in after that point, with one too many genres getting clubbed together, and ultimately blurring the basic intent of the show. Despite the twists that keep coming, Lovecraft Country turns into a jigsaw puzzle in the second half, and that’s where you could lose interest. Nevertheless, it is a show that demands your attention.



Jonathan Majors as Atticus does a fabulous job in the lead role, carrying on a character that is tough and stiff and still giving it the various shades that it needs. Michael K. Williams as Montrose is another good addition who keeps up his range for most parts of the show, however, the show-stealer here is definitely Jurnee Smollett as Letitia Lewis. Her class act in the show is one for the ages, and would definitely make her a top contender at the Emmy Awards. The rest of the cast are interestingly picked, with Abbey Lee Kershaw as Christina making a mark very early on.

Music & Other Departments

Lovecraft Country is easily one of the best in this department, as the show is mounted on a grand scale with superb visual effects, cinematography and music. The various forms of tones used in the show complement the different genres that it undertakes throughout.


The fact that the makers could implement so many events from history and bring it under the worries of racial struggle.


The show loses its focus a bit in the second set of episodes.

Did I enjoy it?

Yes, it was a very unique watch that had a good amount of surprises all the way.


Do I recommend it?

Yes. Despite its lulls, this is worth a watch. Especially if you are a fan of big-budget shows on TV.


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