Lovely Da Dhaba Review - A painful, never-ending conversation with the ‘agony aunt’

Lovely Da Dhaba Review - A painful, never-ending conversation with the ‘agony aunt’
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The Isha Koppikar Narang Starrer ‘Lovely Da Dhaba’, is a series that revolves around a martyr’s wife, who runs a simple, open-air eatery by the highway. People from faraway places keep visiting the eatery, mostly for the love with which the food is served here. Since the eatery is on the highway, it is witness to numerous narratives. Isha Koppikkar plays the role of a nosy-parker agony aunt and solves everyone’s problems.

‘Lovely’ (played by Isha Koppikar) is a very bubbly woman. She is looked up upon with respect. She is bold, and couples her calm demeanour with the talent to run the show, and deliver the strength to all those who need it the most. She emerges as the ‘epitome of perfection’. She is respected by most as she can tell the difference between right and wrong, and can also bring a person who is going astray back on track. She is armed with a fortitude that can take her places, but..why would a vivacious actress like Isha Koppikar be part of such an amateur series? What exactly was she thinking? Was she even thinking….?

There's not much to drive home about the production, acting, or even direction for that matter. One can get bored with this juiceless plot! The director, Kenny Chhabra, didn’t have it in him either, to add any value to the plot. Honestly, even kids these days could come up with better ideas, and showcase a more dramatic execution than what we see in ‘Lovely Da Dhaba’.

The series comprises 6 episodes, but this reviewer was compelled to pop a Saridon at the end of the first episode itself. Who spices up the food to teach someone a lesson? Also, why does Isha Koppikar have to poke her nose in everyone’s lives?

This plot could’ve probably revolved around how she started the eatery on her own. The trials and tribulations that she had to go through to start something by the highway, and the numerous challenges she’d encountered, would have made for a more engaging series than this pointless indulgence!

Honestly, after viewing this series, the reviewer had realized the value of her temple priest, who somehow really invests in his best to make religion so much more interesting. The makers behind Lovely Da Dhaba don't even do that with their plot. The OTT platform Gemplex has embarked on a new journey. The founders should couple their business acumen with shrewd insights while curating their content. With so many OTT platforms emerging, it's about the survival of the fittest after all! Rating: 0.5/5

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