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So Lucifer season 4 is out... and for everyone out there who have been following the Devil since season 1 like me and have so many questions unanswered, after an amazing season 3 finale, it is going to be a relief as Netflix gets Lucifer on its streaming service.

Now although the show has moved from tv to streaming, and I was expecting more devilish violence and a tinge of sex (just because they now can) I am glad that nothing much has really changed and the script by Joe Henderson still goes for the drama - humour dynamics that has won the show many followers.
Season 4 starts with episode 1 - "Everything 's Ok" .. where not much is ok... The characters are still hungover from last season and are trying to get to terms with the situation. Lucifer is pleased to see that Chloe has returned with her daughter from her Europe vacation and tries to make small talk while solving a local beekeeper's murder case, trying to find out how she has been processing the fact, that she now knows who he really is. But Chloe is on the defensive and it appears there is a bigger motive of her returning back. Trixie and Maze share a moment when they are reunited at the station and clearly the chemistry between a little human girl and a violent demon from hell is more than adorable. Amenadiel returns to earth with his wings and tells Linda that he wants to stay. Meanwhile Dan is the most disturbed of them all as he is still grieving the loss of Charlotte.
While most of the episode 1 is spent introducing us to how the characters are doing since the last season and a very interesting guest appearance of the week from Donna's boyfriend (Suits)... the end of the episodes sets the stage for the rest of the season, where Chloe is seen at a church, discussing with a priest a plan perhaps she has come to execute. The plan seems to revolve around what she thinks is good for Lucifer and leaves us tryin to comprehend was her vacation just a cover for planning some kind of mission? Is the priest the season's new bag guy and using Chloe against Lucifer ? or is there some other angle to this. In either case it makes Lucifer season 4 an interesting watch.
Tom Ellis as Lucifer, Lauren German as Chloe, Lesley-Ann Brandit as Mazikeen, Kevin Alejandro as Dan, Rachael Hatris as Linda, Aimer Garcia as Ella Lopez and D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel all retain their roles from the last season. Moving to Netflix, the show hasn't made any noticeable changes.. atleast doesn't seem so from its digital debut episode .. there are still the random musical numbers performed at LUX, the funny one-liners, in a so far decent script and a wonderful cast that adds all the right ingredients to a promising season 4.
Ranking : 3.5/5 

Reviewer Name: William Rebello

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