Lucifer Season 5 Release Date Announced on Netflix

Jeya Suriya -

Lucifer Season 5 Release Date Announced on Netflix

Lucifer, the American Urban Fantasy Television show has got a worldwide audience who is expecting the fifth instalment of the show. The showrunners have also announced that the upcoming release will be the finale of the show. The fifth season was slated to release on March 2020 and it was also announced that there will be 16 Episodes where they will split and release it as two batches.

Now, after too many queries on the show, Netflix has proclaimed it officially. Yes, Netflix's Lucifer will dock on August 21, 2020. They have made the announcement silent without any statements. The date is mentioned on the website itself. Fans who have been binging the show last night overwhelmed with the announcement. 

Team Lucifer has started shooting as the Government of British Columbia granted filming permission two weeks back. All the cast and crew of the show has joined the shoot and sources suggest that they have been filming the last two episodes of the show. Also, few sources close to the team suggest us that the last 8 episodes of the fifth season will stream from Feb 2021.

Immediately after Netflix's Silent Announcement, Lucifer Star, DB Woodside wrote on his microblogging account, "Dear #Lucifans, Good things are happening. Pls, continue to be patient." Now the million-dollar question is after the huge response whether there would be a Season 6 of the Show.

It is to be noted that Lucifer has got 5 Seasons so far where 3 were produced by Fox and dropped without renewing for a new season. Netflix acquired the creative product and bankrolled the fourth and fifth season.

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