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Madhuri Talkies

Madhuri Talkies
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    Sagar Wahi Aishwarya Sharma Basu Soni Darpan Shrivastava, Rajeev K Pandey, Ajay Rohilla

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Madhuri Talkies is a hard-hitting tale of a young man Manish who sets out on a bloody rampage in Banaras to avenge his love, Puneeta, who was brutally violated by a gang of power-hungry men. The power of an individual shines through in this bone-chilling neo-noir thriller and raises an important question - is justice delayed, justice denied? Or sometimes, can taking matters into your own hands instil fear in the minds of perpetrators?

Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1: BHOLENATH KI KASAM The Purvanchal region is plagued by the trade of rape videos. However, the oblivious Manish Sirmaur has eyes only for the new girl in town, Puneeta. To Manish’s shock, he chances upon a rape video of Puneeta’s. Episode 2: TOHRE KHATIR Manish and his best friend, Kali, recognize one of the rapists, Kamta, outside Madhuri Talkies. Manish and Kali hire a hitman, to kill Kamta. Episode 3: MANISH NAAM HAI HAMARA MLA Ramkhilawan puts pressure on inspector Gajraj to arrest Basant, the rightful owner of Madhuri Talkies, for Kamta’s death. Manish and the hitman engage in a brawl over Puneeta, which culminates violently. Manish finds Ramadeen, who was the one who recorded Puneeta’s rape on his phone. Episode 4: CHEEKHON SE RISHTA Manish brutally murders Ramadeen. Gajraj finally learns that the video is the reason for the killings. Ramkhilawan decides to use force to snatch Madhuri Talkies from Basant, while Puneeta confronts Manish about the killings of her rapists. Episode 5: GALAT LANGDA Manish mistakes a lame cigarette-seller for one of the rapists. The actual handicapped rapist, Langda Mahto, gets the cigarette-seller to expose Maal Babu as the next rapist to Manish. The vengeful Mahto also rats Maal Babu out to Ramkhilawan. Episode 6: SAHI LANGDA Puneeta confesses her feelings for Manish to him. Langda Mahto shows Manish’s picture to SI Yadav and connects him to Puneeta. They decide to capture Manish. Kamta’s cousin, Parmesar, joins under Ramkhilawan. Puneeta finally stands up to Yadav and sends his picture to Manish. Episode 7: MUGHALSARAI JUNCTION Manish is captured and beaten up by Mahto and Parmesar. Yet, Manish escapes from Mahto. He realizes that Puneeta’s family is no longer safe in Benaras, as Yadav comes looking for them. Episode 8: TANDAV Yadav learns that Manish’s and Puneeta’s families have disappeared from the city. Manish follows Langda closely, while Yadav interrogates Kali. Gajraj has to step in to free Kali from Ramkhilawan. Episode 9: DOSTI KI BAAZI Manish and Kali safely dispose of Mahto’s body. In Mughalsarai, Yadav carries out a shootout on Manish during Kali’s birthday party. Elsewhere, Parmesar reveals his true identity to Ramkhilawan. Episode 10: MANISH SANG PUNEETA Gajraj and Yadav set aside their differences and team up to stop Manish. Gajraj’s wife orchestrates a meeting between Manish and Puneeta before Manish sets out to murder Yadav, the last of his victims.

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