Madhuri Talkies Review: A Soulful Lover’s Revenge

Madhuri Talkies Review: A Soulful Lover’s Revenge
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Madhuri Talkies Review: A Vengeful Lover’s Revenge With Quite Common Submissions

This intense crime thriller bags-in the awesome performances of the star cast including Sagar Wahi, Aishwarya Sharma, Ravi Janghu, Rajeev Panday, Saksham Dayma, Sagar Wahi, and Varun Kashyap in the prime roles.


If crime and uninterrupted action is your thing, then this vengeful Bhojpuri lover’s revenge drama is definitely for you. Set in an unconventional story plot, this series trails through unfolding the journey of a true lover who turns into a vengeful young man in Banaras. This series is full of ruthless action drama. Aimed at bringing justice for his soulful love, he goes beyond all boundaries. The series has been produced by Applause Entertainment and rests as a crime-thriller, boasting of the prime character of Aishwarya Sharma, who plays Punita and is the love interest of Manoj. The seed of revenge comes after he learns that Punita was brutally raped and physically violated under the power-hungry men with a bureaucratic edge.

The trailer that was released had already delivered a lot of intense and brutal insights on the actual series. The series contains several scenes that are really hard to watch at times. It takes us through a transpiring tale of Manoj (Sagar Wahi) who takes a vow of investigating and confronting those men who were responsible for disrupting his lady love. Ravi Janghu plays the character of a policeman who holds a blind eye towards the accused big-shots and can be seen in a negative role.

Madhuri Talkies is a Bhojpuri neo-noir web series. resting in the region of Varanasi and Mughal Sarai. As per the series, these regions are dedicatedly known for crimes against women under the covered political tyranny. The bloody rampage goes pretty violent putting each of those powerful people under trial, who are involved in the brutal rapes across the city. Well! It’s quite evident from the series that even today in India there are politicians, police officers and other big bureaucrats, who consider women as their property. 

Categorised under Hindi revenge drama, this edgy drama will obnoxiously stir your minds. However, things like this have been put up for viewers even before this series, which makes it quite an evident story. If you haven’t heard about it, don’t block your minds around it as definitely it is not amongst the must-watch category. 

Streaming on MX Player, the series has been beautifully directed by Arvind Babbal. As far as the cinematography is concerned, yes, this one has taken a lead in this category. Even the background score is quite promising. 

The acting crew of Madhuri Talkies must be applauded as this hard-hitting rape-and-revenge drama has given them lots of scope to bring out their talents. Especially, the character of Manoj, our vengeful lead man, who holds quite a promising rank. Right from his acting to dialogue delivery, everything is countable in the series. The rest of the cast have also been good in their performance, undoubtedly. 

The story of the series doesn’t just end with the gang-rape but, also gets edgy with the gang filming this gang rape and who are habitual offenders, too. The worst part is the sele of these MMS videos. The police have been shown as completely blinded and even helpless at times. Well! This series does make you think that even in such an era there are such ruthless people who agree and are prospective buyers of such MMS and brutal rapes.

There are in total 10 episodes of the series but, nothing makes it a must-watch series.

Ratings: 2.5/5

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