Mads Mikkelsen hints at a season 4 revival of the beloved cannibal series ‘Hannibal’

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Mads Mikkelsen hints at a season 4 revival of the beloved cannibal series ‘Hannibal’

Ever since Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, jumped off the cliff at the end of season 3, giving the fans an actual cliff hanger (pun intended), fans have wanted nothing else but another season, a continuation of their favourite #murderhusbands as fans have come to call the murderous pair. Although the climax of season 3 had sealed their fate indefinitely, Mads Mikkelsen, who played the titular role of Hannibal in the series has hinted or rather hoped for a season 4 looking at the immense love it has received on Netflix, its new home.

In the podcast, Happy Sad Confused, Mads Mikkelsen spoke about ‘Hannibal’ and the love and praise that it received. Talking about his character and his dynamics with other characters in the show, he spoke about how the series has a certain legacy now. When asked about a probable season 4, Mikkelsen did not shy away from giving an answer and said that the series has “found a new home” in Netflix and since the show the streaming platform picked up the show after its run-on NBC was cancelled in 2015, fans old and new have flocked to the OTT platform to watch the show and so, “talks have been revitalized” about a new season. Speaking on whether the original cast would return for a new season, he quipped, “I don’t think you’d find anyone who was a part of the cast that is still alive that would say ‘no thanks,’…I think we all enjoyed it tremendously.”   

A season 4 has been called for by the fans since a long time. ‘Hannibal’ was a unique series for many, giving an insight into a killer’s mind, creating art out of murder, a realistic portrayal of mental struggles, a very prominent sexual tension drawn by the chaos present in the lead pair’s friendship, an almost God and Adam relationship, bringing Christian symbolism into the series, every concept was thoughtfully created which lured the fans more towards the series which is essentially a cat and mouse chase. The series delved into childhood traumas of not only the hero but the anti-hero as well and presented them both with flaws. Thus, if Netflix or NBC does revive the series, it would be welcomed with open arms.


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