Mahira (2019)

Mahira (2019)
Platform : Amazon Prime Video
Language : Kannada
Synopsis : It's story of a mother and daughter who are on the run from a group of assassins. The reason is known to mother and situation not permitting to explain anything to her daughter. It's story of agent going against agency for protecting nation. Will both of their ways cross?
Cast : Raj B Shetty, Virginia Rodrigues, Chaithra Achar, Balaji Manohar, GopalKrishna Deshpande, K P Sridhar, Babu Hirannaiah, Apoorva Soma Saakre, Shaukat Ali, Dileep Raj
Directors : Mahesh Gowda (LFA)
Producer/s : Vivek Kodappa
Cinematographer (DoP) : Keertan Poojary
Production House : The Jackfruit Productions
Music : Nilima Rao, Rakesh U P

Movie Duration (minutes) : 128
Digital Premiere Date : June 4, 2020 Theater Release Date : July 26, 2019

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