Makers of Aarya wish to make 5 seasons of Aarya just as Penoza.

Sajid Ali -

Makers of Aarya wish to make 5 seasons of Aarya just as Penoza.

The recently released and much-acclaimed web series “Aarya” on Disney+ Hotstar is planning to walk in the same shoes as its International counterpart “Penoza”. Actress Sushmita Sen couldn’t have asked for a more powerful comeback than Ram Madhvani’s Aarya. She instantly conquered the webspace with her brilliant performance. The adaptation of the Dutch crime drama Penoza has been appreciated all over for its powerful performances and direction. 

Sandeep Modi, co-directed Aarya along with Ram Madhvani and Vinod Rawat. He stated in an interview “We wish to make it across five seasons, like Penoza. We are blessed because it’s an adaptation of an international show, so we know how the story will be moving forward. The plot points are in our head, and now, it has to be put on paper. Let’s hope it gets the greenlit soon.”

The first season was a nine-part thriller in which Sen’s character Aarya is compelled to take over the drug business after husband is killed. If you’ve seen the narrative seems to have reached its resolution at the end of the season, and the makers’ state they deliberately did not resort to the cliffhanger ending. “Even though the series continues, we ensured that there was a sense of completion in this season. We did not want to leave the audience hanging.”

Sandeep Modi stated that Ram when went on to shoot Satyamev Jayate, he saw a field of opium. That’s when he decided to set the story of Aarya against the backdrop of opium. And the royalty of Rajasthan just added the grandeur quotient to establish the family legacies in the show.

Modi believes that Sushmita Sen elevates the series with her stellar performance. He adds “She’s not only a sharp actor but also has high respect for the written word. She contributed so much to her character with her suggestions.” 

For everyone who has finished watching the first season of Aarya, know how it ended and we definitely want the crime saga to continue and love to see how it develops for the next 5 seasons. Now let’s wait and watch if the streaming giant gives green light to the upcoming season soon.

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