MaMaKiKi Review: Lazy writing and clichés makes MamaKiki a dull watch.

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MaMaKiKi Review: Lazy writing and clichés makes MamaKiki a dull watch.
Movie Rated
All Ages

Format: Movie
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: All Ages (U/A)
Genres:  Drama, Comedy
Language: Tamil
Digital Premiere Date: 30 May 2020


What is the story about?
The story revolves around four college friends who reunite after five years. They indulge in nostalgia reminiscing their school and college life. The story poses to be an anthology but truly isn’t except for the fact that the film was helmed by 5 directors, G Radhakrishnan, Vadivel, Shree Karthick, Karthik Siva and Sameer Bharat Ram. This film was long due for theatrical release and finally landed a digital debut.
The film had 4 actors playing the central cast surrounded with a good amount of supporting cast. The central cast manages to dish out credible performances. It’s not that they’re poor performers but their characters didn’t give them any scope to prove their potential. To begin with Ramesh Thilak, one of my favourite actors, he can pull off comedy with ease but in this, it felt like he was trying hard to make the audience laugh. The rest of the central cast included Dev, Kiranthy and Preetha Anandhan. The list of supporting cast is quite long and the film’s runtime is 1hr 37mins, so you get to see a new character every now and then. Ultimately none of the characters actually makes an impression which could be remembered.
College friend’s reunion has been a favourite subject for years. It can be moulded into any genre and presented to the audience. The attempt made in MamaKiki should be appreciated. But the opportunity was not justified. It’s very evident that the budget was very stringent. But when it comes to independent films one advantage is creative freedom which apparently is compromised in mainstream cinema. It’s my personal opinion that budget shouldn’t matter much to an Independent filmmaker. Because we’ve seen a lot of foreign language films which have been made with challenging budgets, yet they deliver an amazing film which not only impresses you with their content but their final output. MamaKiki was lacking on both the fronts. There are many scenes which were dragged beyond its requirement just to fill in screen time.  And typecasting a character based on caste is getting too tiring in Tamil Cinema at the moment. There are more avenues to explore comedy. Sadly every second filmmaker is seen running behind the same formula. MamaKiki could’ve been a potential romantic comedy which loses out to clichés.
Music and other Departments
Just like 5 directors, there were 5 composers, 4 editors and 3 cinematographers. Despite having varied potential technicians you don’t see anything different or creative on the screen. It looked very generic and uninterested. MamaKiki doesn’t give you a feel of watching a film. Rather it seemed like two long episodes of a sitcom. 
One segment of MamaKiki was genuinely funny which involved Kishore Jr. (Jayadithya) and Ritta Miss (Amrutha Srinivasan). The brief innocence of the kid’s belief was captured well. I cannot think of anything else. If you do, please leave your thoughts under the comments section.
Stretched out writing and average performances. 
Did I enjoy it?
No, I did not.
Do I recommend it and why?
No, I don’t. Still, if you like to then give it a shot for its obvious approach while you’re conducting your chores. It’s currently streaming on Zee 5.

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