Manne Number 13 Review

An outdated story with weak writing offers nothing but a boring experience

Richard Mahesh -

Manne Number 13 Review
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What is the story about?

A bunch of friends with devil-may-care attitude Nishok (Ramana), Aswath (Sanjeev), Nancy (Varsha Bollamma), Karthick (Praveen), and Preethi (Aishwarya Gowda) have an issue with their house owner and shift to a new house that has hearsays claiming that some spirits trapped inside. (No surprise! The house with this Number 13 is always the haven of ghosts). Things get awry by the night time as these people soon start experiencing paranormal activities with one by one getting mysteriously killed.


Each and everything in the film looks completely amateurish and preposterous as none of the elements stands out to be exceptionally great or at least passable. Revealing few scenes for citing the instance could turn out to be a spoiler. There’s a dialogue during the final moments, where a character asks “Idhukella Kolae Maadthaara?” and of course, it’s nothing but the blatant infuriated thoughts of audiences, who would feel the same by the end (The reason will let you burst into laughter). It’s obvious that when a horror movie is made and the title has a numeric tag – 13, it is definitely, a tale about the revenge-seeking ghost. Maybe, after decades of experiencing the same, the director of this film would have rethought of installing some surprisal twists in letting audiences getting tricked. Even then, the so-called twist by the climax looks outdated. On the positive side, there are few impressive episodes including, Karthik getting a scared look at the dead body of his friend, who is alive in the next room followed by Nishik-Nancy sequence. Yes, the pre-interval surprise is somewhat appreciable, and except this, the entire the screenwriting has lots of fallibleness. 


The actors don’t have any scope to perform in this 106-minute film. With most of the actors having an experience of acting in few South Indian movies and serials, they have proved of their capabilities by rendering some neat performances. But they look helpless with the basic gist, frail screenplay and weak characterizations and there’s nothing to blame them, but the erroneous writing. 


Music & Other Departments

There’s nothing special to mention about any of the technical aspects. From Music and Cinematography to Editing and Sound, everything looks too average and doesn’t appeal with uniqueness. Maybe, the makers could have at least invested in the technical department like Sound and Cinematography to at least offer the spooky effect. 


  • The Pre-Interval surprise twist 


  • The unamusing screenplay that lacks ‘horror’ elements 
  • Technically weak 
  • The intention of the basic story itself is absurd 

Did I enjoy it?

Not at all! 

Do I recommend it?

I would never do it. 

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